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Swissgarde products - Nutritional And Herbal Alternatives in Nigeria

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Swissgarde is a health,  wealth and beauty network marketing company.  It markets superior quality range products of over 150 comprising:
* Naturegarde products( vitamins and minerals)
*Herbalgarde products(herbal and plant extracts)
*skin care products
*hair products
*men's perfumes
*women's perfumes
*fresh feet.

These products work for all diseases e.g cancer, diabetes
heart attack, hypertension, stroke, kidney diseases,
migraine, hormonal imbalance, liver problem, rheumatism, anemia, dislocation, asthma, gout, gotre, fibroid, epilepsy, eczema, diarrhea, alcohol consuming, constipation,menstrual pains, arthritis & rheumatism, sore throat,
bad breadth, weak erection, typhoid fever, infertility, body odour,
bacterial infection, dandruff, ulcer, hey fever, insomnia,staphylococcus, blocked fallopian tubes etc.

Below are some of the drugs (supplements) for your information and patronage. Kindly take your time to go through them and give me (Mr Joshua) a call on +2347038574473 or +2348074256315 for any product of your choice. SWISSGARDE products are known for their high effectiveness. So, for sound health and vitality, Swissgarde health supplements are your best option. Remember, good health is the greatest wealth. Thank you and God bless:

African potato has anti-malaria, anti-typhoid and anti-fever properties
It prevents tuberculosis and any coughing infection
 It helps the HIV/AIDS positive patients to boost their immunity
It helps to prevent allergies, certain cancer heart diseases  and rheumatoid arthritis
It removes stress related problems
It repels germs and viruses thus allowing the natural defense soldiers to infections.

It is beneficial for men who suffer from prostrate problem (urination problem)
It relieves the swelling of the prostrate gland
It helps regular and easy urination
It boosts the energy level for men and women
It removes tiredness, anxiety and tension
It enhances sexual performance for men and women
It is an ideal tonic for men and women above 40years

It boosts up the energy and stamina
 it boosts up weak libido  (sexual feelings)
 it boosts immune and remove stress
 Due to its energy providing ability, it prevents weak erection and premature ejaculation.

Prevent urinary tract infection
Aids proper digestion Helps people with kidney problems Good for ulcer
Enhances the action of certain vitamins and minerals

it help maintain and improve eye health
 it promotes blood circulation
it is helpful for short sightedness
it prevents eye infection and protect against cataract because of zinc
It removes the redness of the eye and improve clear vision, television viewing and computer strain
it also increases level of sperm count because of zinc
It also increases fertility

Useful for people suffer physical and mental stress
it is good for people who are always tired it provides stamina and effective energy boost
it is good for smokers for protecting the lungs it prevent nervous tension
it is good for hangovers and sexual activities
It is good for convalescence and epilepsy
For boil, it is useful when used with defender and herbal healing ointment
It also prevents gout.

it help to regulate and stabilize blood sugar
it prevents and treats diabetic mellitus
It increases the effectiveness of the insulin
The chromium strengthens the pancreas
it help to reduces sugar craving
 It helps to convert sugar to energy that can be used by the body

it helps in building up strong teeth and bones also normalizes heart beats
it relieves waist pain and back pain
 it eases free movement of the body
it is useful for dislocation and wound healing and regulate the nervous system.
It prevents osteoporosis fragile bones
It is essential for normal blood clot

it prevent any kind of skin irritation
Gelatin contents helps strengthen the nails
It prevents blemishes on the skin
It prevents grey hair and bald hair
It provides essential nutrients for effective growth of hair and nails

it is useful for joints and muscular pains useful in the treatment of Rheumatism
 it prevent Arthritis
 it relieves backache and waist pain
it prevent muscular cramps


It reduces the discomfort of mouth ulcer and sore slow down build up of plague
Excellent breath and mouth fresh

it improve general health of the body Boost immune system and raise energy
 it combat tiredness especially after illness
 It aids poor digestion and assist in detoxification
 to mobilize the body's own natural defense mechanism
Helps to remove toxins from the body
Best product for constipation and pile
Helps to remove cholesterol and liver fat

Beneficial for detoxification and colon cleansing
Helps improve blood circulation
The combination of ingredients provides antibacterial properties
Assists in normalizing blood sugar levels
Has anti-inflammatory properties which make it beneficial for gout arthritis and prostate problems
Cleanses bladder and deals with urinary tract infection (UTI)
It helps to solve problems of the bladder and stomach
It helps rid the body of intestinal parasites
It reduces constipation
It relieves headache, tension and soothes stomach cramps

Beneficial for tired body and mind, aching muscles and feeling stressed
It combats skin blemishes and spots
It helps to restore sore and tired feet
It helps to combat sore throat and mouth irrotational
It helps in body cleansing and general wellness

Call Felix Joshua +2347038574573, +2348074256315 for more information
• it neutralizes the damaging effects of free radicals (poison) in the body
• it build up the immune system
•  it defends the body against cold and flu
• it allows the T- cells to be effective in combating infections.
•  it relieves chest pain
•  it is very good for any kind of inflammation
•  it prevent and treat bronchitis
•  it is a strong anti-cancerous agent
•  it protects the body against coronary heart disease
•  it protects the body against coronary heart disease
•  it protect the body against bacterial pathogenic diseases staphylococcus and any sexually transmitted diseases
•  it is anti-bacterial, anti-virus and anti-fungi
• it is a natural antibiotics

Each Black tablets contains 1. Ginseng-Siberian (50mg) 2.kola Extract (10mg) 3. Thiamine HCL- Vitamins B1 (10MG) 4. Riboflavin-Vitamin B2 (10mg) 5. Pyridoxine HCL-Vitamins B6 (10mg) 6. L-Histidine HCL-Vitamins B6 (10mg) 7.L Arginine Hydrochloride (10mg) 8. D -L Methionine (10mg) 9. L Phenylalanine (10mg) 10.Calcium Phosphate Dibasic (155mg) (b) Each Red Tablets contains: 1. Guarana Powder ( 150mg) 2. Spirulina Algae (75mg) 3. Soya Protein (75mg)
Health Benefits
• it improves the body vigor and stamina
• it revitalizes the body cells and organs
• it improves the symptoms of early aging
•  it improves mental alertness and mental stress
•  it increases fertility
•  it is very good for sexual performance because of Gingko Ginseng energizing effects
•  it is good for fatigue and energy loss.

A naturegarde product which contains ingredients like Gingko, Ginseng, Biloba, Amino acid, Green Tea, Spirulina, Ginger, Sterols and Sterolins which combine together help to improve memory.
Health Benefits
• It improves concentration
• It is useful for forgetfulness
• Useful for older people suffering from diminishing memory capabilities
• It reduces stress
• It improves level of intelligence thus useful for students
• It reduces headache migraine

Omega plus contains Omega 3, 6 and 9. It contains 4 oils: Omega 3 (fish oil) Omega 6 (Evening primrose plants and Borage) Omega 9 (derived from olive oil) and Garlic oils. The combination of these 4 oils makes omega plus a powerful restorative and health protector products.
Health Benefits
• It helps to regulate and normalize blood pressure (hypertension)
• It reduce heart diseases
• It lowers cholesterol level in the body
• It prevents widespread pains due to Arthritis and Rheumatism
• It prevents blackouts
• It prevent burning sensation (hand and feet)
• It is good for Diabetes patient because of chromium)
•  It prevents Dizziness
•  It is useful for Eczema
• It prevents menstrual cramps
Omega plus is good for cirrhosis and hepatitis of liver
•  It also prevents Gout

Royal jelly is nature’s richest health food obtained from the beehive produced by bees to feed the queen and the king.
It also contains a rare valuable fatty acid, vitamin B complex, Amino acid and minerals which gives Royal jelly its Amazing health Benefits. Scientists believe that 4% of the ingredients of Royal jelly is yet to be analyzed.
Health Benefits
• It increase mental alertness
• It raises the energy level of the body
• It boosts the immune system
•  It regulate blood pressure
•  It is good for Allergies
•  It is good for Asthma
•  Useful for prevention and treatment of Eczema
•  It is an anti-aging supplement
•  It is good for menopausal symptom
•  It is good for Acne
. It prevents fever and sinus
•  Useful for migraine when combined with stress Active
• It prevents liver and kidney problems

Fat burner contains Soya protein, fructose, spirulina, Chromium Piclinate, inositol, choline Bitasrtrate. DI Methhionime, The combination of these ingredients helps to burn fat off the body. The use of chromium helps metabolise glucose thereby maintaining a stable blood sugar.
Health Benefits
•  It helps burn fat
• It helps maintains stable blood sugar so that we don’t crave for refined sugar, flour & junk foods
• The spirulina contains essential Amino acid which curb appetite
• It improves mineral absorption in the body
•  It protects the immune system
•  It contains added nutrient from fructose.

Fat absorber contains ingredients like chitosan, psyllium, kelp, soy protein and Garcinia Cambogia which help to attract the fat in the stomach before it is metabolized.
 It promotes weights loss by making you feel full at all time.
Health Benefits
• It absorbs the fat in the stomach before it metabolizes
• It prevents constipation during dieting
• It helps to regulate bowel movement
•  It prevents stomach obesity
• It promotes weight loss by making you feel full
•  It maintains a healthy thyroid glands which is essential for maintaining a healthy body weight
•  It also prevents absorption in the digestive tract.
Call Felix Joshua +2347038574573, +2348074256315 for more information
Immune Booster contains Garlic oil, vitamins C, Cod liver oil, Ginger extract, peppermint oil, selenium, Echinacea and citrus-Bioflavonoid which help to invigorate the body immune system. It has a dual regulatory effect on immune deficient cases with an appropriate suppressive action on hyper immunity
Health Benefits
• It builds up the immune system and regulate it
•  It prevent the problem of hypo and hyper immunity
•  It improves the body natural defiance against invaders
•  It fights infections caused by germs and viruses
•  It neutralizes the effect of anti-oxidant
• It boosts the energy level of the body
• It enhances the activities of lymphocytes in the body
• It is a natural antibiotic
• It helps the heart by keeping fragment of cell platelet from forming dangerous blood clot
•  It has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory action
•   It gives the body high resistance against frequent infection
•  It protects against cancer, heart diseases, arthritis and symptoms of a ageing.

Learn how to apply Swissgarde products for treatment of diseases
Premium quality Swissgarde products - Nutritional And Herbal Alternatives in Nigeria. Available for sale from Swissgarde Agent / Distributors +2347038574473, +2348074256315 in Port harcourt Lagos Warri Sapele Ughelli Asaba Benin Aba Owerri Enugu Uyo Abuja Onitsha Jos Kaduna Kano Gombe Nasarawa Lokoja
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