Practical Sex Pre-Selection Guide : Gender Sway, PH, Ions, Minerals, Diet, Hormones, Swissgarde Supplements and Timing

Having particular sex at birth has either been a thing of Joy or agony for many couples, especially those of African extraction. In a high proportion of cases, having no male child causes family disruption and promiscuity that may lead to various medical challenges.

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Swaying is the act of increasing your odds of having a certain gender. 7 factors make up swaying: pH, ions, minerals, diet, hormones, supplements, and timing.  You can't just count on one to work.  If you only do timing that is the only 1/7th of a sway. You can't just pick one factor over the other as you do not know which one is most important for you.

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•  Take none of these vital points before you commence the Swaying Process:
•  Breastfeeding:
•  This process is *not for Breastfeeding Mothers.*  It is not recommended that you sway while breastfeeding.  The reason for this is that your cycles will not be regular enough, your hormones won’t be stable enough and the diet/supplements are not recommended for breastfeeding.  You need to either wait till you are done breastfeeding or stop breastfeeding early.

•  Digital pH tester

•  Because pH plays a key role, you must get your own pH tester which will be quite useful throughout the entire process.

Couples have to be fertile:
 It is assumed that couples who want to preselect the sex of their future kids don’t have any pre-existing fertility concerns. Thus if couples have fertility challenges like low sperm count, ovarian cysts, infections, fibroids, hormonal challenges, etc. All these must have been addressed before commencing this procedure.

Folic Acid :
Please take folic acid when trying to conceive, regardless of the gender diet.  Folic acid helps to prevent miscarriages and birth defects.

To start, the father determines the sex of the child. Males provide sperm – some 40 million to 1.2 billion per ejaculation! Each sperm produced by the father carries an “X” or “Y” chromosome. If “X” sperm makes it to the egg, the baby will be female. Vice versa, a “Y” sperm results in a male. Contrary to a few myths out there, fathers have no way to segregate the “X” sperm from the “Y” sperm in the testicles. They are produced in near equal amounts per ejaculation. Mothers, meanwhile, can only provide an X chromosome – as such, they have no influence over gender.

pH has long been suspected to influence the conception of a boy or a girl — it plays a crucial role in gender swaying because it's believed that an acidic pH favours X-sperms and an alkaline pH favors Y-sperm. The argument of body pH is founded on one underlying theory: an alkaline pH in the female body favours “boy” sperm (sperm carrying the Y chromosome) while an acidic pH in the female body favours “girl” sperm (sperm carrying the X chromosome). Based on a female’s composition, higher acidity kills off the weaker boy sperm, allowing girl sperm to reach the egg, while higher alkalinity gives boys a greater chance of survival and thus a greater chance to fertilize the female egg.

To try to conceive a boy or a girl, you'll raise or lower the pH of the two fluids involved in conception: cervical mucus (CM), the fluid in the vagina, and semen, the fluid that carries sperm.

Cervical Mucus (CM) Ph Normal CM pH varies throughout the cycle, from very acidic to very alkaline. During the non-fertile part of your cycle, the pH of the vagina is very acidic, from 3.8 to 4.5. Since pregnancy isn't possible at this time, this hostile acidic environment protects you from bacteria and other organisms. However, approaching ovulation, the pH of CM shifts dramatically, becoming very alkaline and sperm-friendly. The varying level of pH during your cycle is very important: if CM stays too acidic, it can be a cause of infertility; if it stays too alkaline, you may be prone to yeast infections.

If you are trying to conceive a girl, target a pH of 4.0 - 4.5 (Acidic). When trying to conceive a boy target a pH that is between 7.5 - 9.0 (Very Alkaline).

Semen pH
 When produced correctly, semen shields sperm from a sometimes hostile environment makes its journey to the egg a little easier, and provides nutrition to the delicate cells for the incredibly difficult task ahead of them.
To look at why semen pH is important, we first have to look at the other half of the equation: the vagina. In an ideal world, vaginal pH maintains a balance of good and bad bacteria, which helps prevent infections. However, to protect from bad bacteria and maintain a healthy balance, the vaginal environment tends to be slightly acidic. Vaginal pH levels also change frequently, depending on the time in her cycle, sexual activity, and even her diet, and exercise.
Normal semen pH is 7.1 to 8.0, neutral to somewhat alkaline. the pH of semen is checked as part of any semen analysis; generally, when pH is outside this range it indicates a problem: if pH is too high or low, sperm may not survive, or be unable to move or penetrate the egg. Abnormal pH values can be a symptom of blockage in the seminal vesicles or an infection.

If you are trying to conceive a girl, target a pH of 7.0 - 7.5 
(Neutral-ish). And when trying to conceive a boy target a pH that is between 9+(Very Alkaline)

What to Do About It! 
How can you make your body more alkaline (if you are trying to have a boy)? Eating a diet high in potassium and sodium helps alkalinity, which is desired if you are trying to conceive a boy. How can you make your body more acidic? (if you want a baby girl). Eating a diet high in calcium, magnesium, and highly acidic foods lends itself to having girls. ( For more information on this go to the section on Diet, Minerals, and supplements for more information)It’s entirely possible to change the pH of your semen CM. Here are a few tips to get a healthier pH:
Eat a balanced diet: We know the temptation to eat junk is out there, but it’s important to maintain a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and healthy proteins. (See the diet section for more information)

Take supplements: It can be hard to get all of the nutrients you need for healthy sperm or CM. That’s why there are now several fertility blend supplements designed specifically for both men and women.

Avoid toxins: Exposure to dangerous chemicals (including smoking and drinking) can cause highly acidic semen. Cut back on the smoke and keep an eye on the chemicals you’re exposed to daily.


Boy Diet Foods

The Potassium diet (potassium favours y sperm).  The alkaline diet (affects pH).   The testosterone diet (high testosterone favours boys).  The food for the diet is based on hormones, pH, minerals, ions, and even the temp of the food. PLEASE take folic acid supplements when you are on this diet.  When doing the boy diet you must be adding salt as much as possible.  However salt depletes the body of folic acid and your risk of miscarriage goes up when you don't have enough folic acid.   If you have high blood pressure you should avoid the boy diet.  Rather concentrate on an alkaline diet while cutting out dairy

1. THREE LARGE glasses of fruit juice (it must be 100% fruit juice, the concentrate is fine but no added sugar or water---not fruit "drinks"). 
 2. SALT: Salt food abundantly. 
 3. MEAT: At each meal (lunch and dinner) you must eat meat (the quantity is free but it has to be consumed at both lunch and dinner.)  Meat is acidic but it is on the diet due to the high testosterone found in it.  If you are struggling with pH you may want to cut back on the meat and find your Testosterone elsewhere. 
4. You are allowed up to 15% a day of calcium or magnesium, but no more.  
 5. Cool things raise pH.  So try to keep food cool, yet still safe. 
6. Boy Diet Mineral Ranges:  Na++ (Sodium) 5000-6000 mg/ day
 K+ (Potassium) 4,000-5,000 mg/day
 Ca (Calcium) 250-400 mg/day 
Mg (Magnesium) 120-200 mg/day.
Warning- too much potassium too fast can cause heart palpitations

Food Tips
Lemon or Lime Water Lemons and limes are acidic for the body.  But once consumed they have a chemical reaction with the acid in the stomach that makes them super alkaline.  When TTC you want to drink 66-120+ oz of water a day, so why not make it a lemon?  You can use any form of lemon (fresh or bottled) and you add enough till you can taste it.  Lemon is more alkaline than lime, however; lemon has just a little less calcium than lime.

The following are great for TT a boy: tomato juice (very high Na and K, low Ca and Mg), Pineapple juice, lemon juice, and apple juice (each having about 10mg of Ca and Mg per 100g). Remember the husband needs to change his juice every month.  Because after 4 weeks on a juice his body pH will drop.

Girl Diet Rule

•  Drink three large glasses of milk every day.
•    • Organic milk is best
•    • Use milk with the least  amount of potassium added
•    • Potassium does not have to be listed.  So you may need to call the company for your milk to get the potassium amount.
•  Remain in the appropriate mineral ranges – remember, dropping too low can harm you.
•    • Calcium (Ca)   1,200-1,800 mg
•    • Magnesium (Mg)   200-300 mg
•   • Potassium (K+)   2,500-3,500 mg
•   • Sodium (Na++)  700-1,000 mg
   To keep your glucose low, it is best to skip breakfast.

There are 3 main hormones when it comes to swaying: Progesterone Estrogen and Testosterone.
For the conception of the female gender, you want: The wife needs to have low estrogen, low testosterone, high progesterone (but not too high as it will delay Ovulation. The husband needs to have low testosterone and high estrogen.

For the conception of the male gender, the wife needs to have high estrogen, high testosterone, and low progesterone (not low in the 2ww however) The husband needs to have low testosterone, and low estrogen.

For a girl child
•  Progesterone is one of the key hormones in a woman’s body. In proper balance with Estrogen and Testosterone, it functions to regulate menstrual cycles, improve fertility, ease the menopausal transition and PMS, promote sleep and feeling calm, speed up metabolism, and generate a general sense of wellbeing.
•  So what do we do to raise this incredibly important hormone?
•  Detoxify the liver: the liver metabolizes hormones so to ensure proper ratios of Estrogen to Progesterone, and support the liver on an ongoing basis.
•  Along with some Buchu Power, consider a simple step such as a glass of warm water with lemon every morning to start stimulating the liver’s detoxification processes.
These help to reduce a load of harmful Estrogen in the body, which in turn increases the ratio of Progesterone to Estrogen
•  Vitamin B6: walnuts, beans, bananas, spinach, potatoes, lean red meat
•  Helps the liver detoxify Estrogen
•  Zinc: shellfish, beef, pumpkin seeds, chickpeas, wheat germ
•  Stimulates Progesterone production
•   Magnesium: beans, pumpkin, whole grains, nuts, spinach
 It thus suffices to mention here that Stress active plays a key role, in this

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For a boy child
Estrogen is the female sex hormone associated with reproduction and menstrual cycles. It is produced in the ovaries and naturally decreases over time. Low estrogen levels are associated with infertility, irregular ovulation, and missed periods.
Soy is the most common plant containing estrogen, found naturally in food and supplements. Swissgarde’s 40 plus for women helps greatly in this regard

positive ions make the egg negative CM reacts by becoming negative ions (negative ions means high pH)Y sperm love high pH (that’s what they are) however they are attracted to negative ions. The egg is full of negative ions thus attracting the y sperm


The Billings Method, with a Post-Peak approach to pre-select males, is used as a basis for sex-pre-selection, by timing coitus about ovulation, the marker of which is the Peak Symptom of the Billings Method. The architectural structure of the sperm-conducting mucus changes day by day during the fertile phase of the menstrual cycle, under the influence of ovarian hormones.

The Peak is the last day on which the presence of fertile-type mucus is observed, having a distinctive slippery sensation and the appearance of raw egg-white (though not always clear in appearance), universally recognizable by fertile women. With twins, both ova are released within the same 24 hours. An unfertilized ovum dies within 12 hours.

Once they have been taught by trained instructors, women understand the significance of this mucus symptom and from it can tell when they are fertile and within 48 hours, the time of ovulation. The Peak of the Mucus Sign is the last day of any slipperiness. It was given this name because it corresponds closely to the peak levels of estrogen in the blood just before ovulation.

Y-bearing sperms, necessary for the conception of male children, are more motile and shorter-lived than Xbearing sperms which lead to female children. If intercourse is confined to the time of ovulation, the Y-bearing sperms arrive more quickly at the ovum and the resultant child is more likely to be male. Y-bearing sperms survive best in an alkaline environment, which exists at ovulation. Following ovulation the environment changes to an acidic one, killing the lighter more motile Y-bearing sperm, and allowing for X-bearing sperm to reach the egg. So, to elongate the life of the Y-bearing sperm you need to boost and extend the alkaline environment.

That you can achieve with apple cider vinegar, Apple cider vinegar itself becomes alkaline in the body once it's been digested and the acetic acid decomposed Rooibus also can put the system in an alkaline state and they are found in Swissgarde’s nighttime tea while Super cider contains Apple cider vinegar. Other natural alkaline-producing foods/herbs are seaweed ( which is found in super cider), Dandelion, Tumeric, and Ginger (all found in Swissgarde’s buchu power ) Avocados, Cucumbers, Dark leafy greens, Yam, Sweet potato, Wild yam (cocoyam). Thus, Super cidernighttime tea, and buchu power guarantee an alkaline state since you don’t know the quantity of food that guarantees full compliance. The advice is to take those Swissgarde products and complement them with taking those foods. Commence intake at least two weeks before ovulation.
Intercourse confined to fertile days before ovulation is more likely to lead to the conception of a female child. To conceive a male child, coitus should be delayed until after the Peak so that the ovum will be either already waiting or released soon. Note that if coitus takes place on the night of the Peak (and is not repeated the next day), it results in the conception of either a male or a female child. This was possible because if the ovum arrived at the Peak, a male child would be conceived, but if not until 24 hours after the Peak, a female child. However, it was found from anecdotal observations, that if coitus took place at the Peak and was repeated the next day, a male child was much more likely to be conceived.

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Confident recognition of the Peak is of paramount importance in sex pre-selection. In the Billings Method, the Peak is the last day of definite slipperiness whether there is any obvious stretching of mucus or not. The mucus stretches much less at the Peak than on the days before it.3 The slippery sensation is caused by the presence at the vulva of fertile mucus, discovered by the simple observation of the slipperiness of eggwhite mucus against the outside of the vulva, during the normal toilet procedure following urination and without insertion of the finger.

To have a female child

To conceive a female child: Sexual intercourse should take place before the Peak, preferably two days before the Peak, and should then be avoided until the fourth day after the Peak. Once they have had some experience in the use of the Billings Method, most women find that they can recognize the approach of the Peak by the changing quality of the fertile mucus. Couples desiring to have a female child are therefore advised to begin their effort to conceive by using the first day of fertile mucus (the first day of change from the dryness of the infertile days), then in subsequent cycles bring the day of intercourse gradually closer to the Peak. Female conception is also enhanced by an acidic state of the system. Acid foods include Sugars, (colas, pastries, candies, cookies, cakes, pies, etc.), Animal meats of all kinds, Most grains and bread, Dairy (milk, cheese, yogurt, etc.), Coffee (especially when sweetened), Eggs, and Nuts. Now, what about having twins?


During this narrative, we have mentioned various supplements that can help out. take time to review the entire material
Thank You

Practical Sex Pre-Selection Guide: Gender Sway, PH, Ions, Minerals, Diet, Hormones, Supplements and Timing, Hormones, Timing

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