Swissgarde Eye Brite : Ingredients, Health Benefits Of Eye Brite

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Eye-Brite Contains:

1. Bilberry. 2. Marigold. 3. Beta-Carotene. 4. Vitamin C. 5. Vitamin E. 6. Copper. 7. Selenium. 8. Zinc.

-30 Tablets in all for 30 days-

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Health Benefits Of Eye Brite:

1. It improves eye health. 2. Preventing eye infections. 3. Beneficial for treating and preventing Cataracts & Glaucoma and other eye diseases. 4. Improves poor vision & poor night vision. 5. Relieves eye itch. 6. Prevents eye damage caused by computer and phone screen radiation. 7. Beneficial for post-eye surgery(hastens the healing process).
Swissgarde product

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