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Swissgarde Buchu Power : Ingredients, Health Benefits Of Buchu Power

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Buchu Power contains:  Buchu extract, Tumeric root extract, Ginger, Vitamin C, Black walnut, Dandelion Extract.

Health Benefits Of Swissgarde Buchu Power:

1. Beneficial for detoxification and colon cleansing.
 2.Helps improve blood circulation
3.  Has antibacterial properties
 4. assists with normalizing blood sugar
5. Has anti-inflammatory properties which makes it beneficial for Gout , Arthritis and Prostrate problems.
6. Cleanses the bladder and deals with Urinary Tract Infection (URI)

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  1. Buchu power. Buchu power is like a wife to Aloe power, so effective and powerful Antibiotics and Detoxification supplement.BUCHU POWER DETOX DRINK
    Contains Buchu plant, Tumeric, Ginger, Dandelion & Black Walnut
    Health Benefit of Buchu Power Detox Drink
    Its BUCHU PLANT content gives it antimicrobial & anti inflammatory properties.
    - It is good for general infections & inflammations
    - It prevents & treats Urinary Tract Infection UTIs & Sexually Transmitted Diseases STDs.
    - It treats Pre mentrual cramping & bloating
    - It is good for Arthritis & Rheumatism
    - It is good for low sperm count
    - It helps loose excessive weight
    - It is beneficial for lowering High blood pressure &High Cholesterol levels.
    - It prevents & treats Prostate, Bladder & liver problems
    - Its TUMERIC content gives it a broad range antimicrobial properties coz of its curcumin. Curcumin contains phytosterols, essential fatty acids & volatile oils.
    - It is found to be far more effective than the drug Glibendamide (glyburide) used in lowering blood sugar levels for Diabetics
    - It is goid for eye health
    - It also has anti cancer effects as it inhibits cervical and colon cancer.
    - It contains Natural progesterone which helps in hormonal balancing
    - It helps burn belly fats
    - It enhances memory function
    - It aids digestion
    - It reduces triglycerides & cholesterol.
    Its GINGER content gives it anti inflammatory properties.
    - It relieves pain & inflammation from excessive exercise.
    - It kills cancer cells in ovarian cancer.
    - Its good for maintaining proper blood circulation
    - It strengthens the immune system
    - It prevents & treats respiratory problems
    - It is good for treating liver damage
    - It is good for High blood pressure/ Hypertension.
    Its WALNUT content gives it antioxidant & anti fungal properties.
    - It contains Vitamin B6
    - It fights intestinal parasites
    - It is good for Asthma
    Its DANDELION content supports antioxidants and protects against free radicals
    - Studies shows that Tumeric, Dandelion & Ginger all contained in Buchu power kills cancer cells better than Chemotherapy.
    - They also don't affect your healthy cells...


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