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Swissgarde Cal-C-Mag - Easily Absorbed Calcium Supplement

Cal-C-Mag Contains:
1.Calcium   2.Magnesium  3.Vitamin C &D.  4.Boron.  5.Phosphorous.

(magnesium, vitamin c&d, and boron all aid absorption of calcium).

Dosage: 60 tablets in all for 30 days-

Health Benefits of Swissgarde Cal-C-Mag 
1. Swissgarde Cal-C-Mag treats and Prevents Osteoporosis(fragile bones).
2.Regulates/normalizes the heartbeat.
3. Aids normal blood clotting.
 4. Regulates nerve functions and muscle tension (this makes it beneficial for cases of Epileptic seizures).
5. Helps build healthy teeth and strong bones.
6. Great remedy for insomnia/sleeplessness.
 7. Reduces flatulence( Stomach wind).
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