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Swissgarde Fertility Cleanse Detox


This Fertility Detox Cleansing kit will cleanse your entire reproductive system for 10 Days. It has powerful organic herbs that do the job of cleaning out accumulated waste materials and impurities that cause infertility and health challenges.

It also cleanses the bloodstreams of toxins, bacteria, and parasites. It fights inflammations, improves digestion, enhances a healthy and natural weight loss, strengthens your immune response and promotes over-all optimal health.

All of this makes the body a haven for conception to happen.

Selling Price: N32,900  
Distributor's price: N24,130 (Registration kit included)
  Premium quality Fertility Cleanse Detox from Swissgarde South Africa in Nigeria. Available for sale from Swissgarde Agent / Distributors Call now: +2347038574473, 08074256315 in Port Harcourt Lagos Warri Sapele Ughelli Asaba Benin Aba Owerri Enugu Uyo Abuja Onitsha Jos Kaduna Kano Gombe Nasarawa Lokoja
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Felix Joshua Web Developer


  1. if I want to cleanse my body for infertility how many days do I have to detoxifying my body

  2. How many packs do I have to use for the fibroid kit before it works ?

    1. Hi I messaged you on Instagram.Do this really work?

    2. we will respond to your message. we've treated fertility issues with swissgarde products for over 20 years. call Felix Joshua +2347038574473 for more information

  3. Can u take fertilty cleaner when ttc does it cause any harm

    1. you can take Swissgarde fertility cleanse detox pack while trying to conceive. it will help get rid of the toxins that hinder fertility. if you conceive while taking you can stop taking it since you've achieved your goal but if you do not get pregnant while taking it, you can take the fertility boosters


Want To Know More About Swissgarde Products? Call Joshua +2347038574473 For More Info