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Here are true-life stories on using healthgarde products in the treatment of arthritis, obesity, fibroid, infertility, prostate enlargement, infection, hypertension, cancer, eye problem, diabetes, ulcer, menstrual problem, stress, pains in the anus, bone problem, etc:

20 Amazing Testimonies On The Efficacy And Effectiveness Of Using Healthgarde Products

1. Florence: True Life Story On Treatment Of Pains On The Leg

 Mama Yoke is a woman in her early 50s always having pains on her right leg and have been treating it with orthodox drugs for many years but it kept going and coming back.

I have met her several times as a healthgarde Consultant advertising her to use Arthritis pack supplements from my company but she complained of its high cost.

One beautiful morning, my phone rang and I recognize her voice immediately I wondered why.
Guess what. She was in a sobber mood telling me to please supply those supplements to her today at any cost that she is in severe pain, and could not stand with her two legs.

Now she is okay walking with her two legs happily.

If you are among those reading this story now and having this health issue,   believing God yours will never be an exception. Call/Whatsapp me on +2347038574473 for your order and say goodbye to rheumatism and Arthritis.

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2. Fibroid Testimony Using Healthgarde Fibroid Remedy Pack

I came back from work feeling awful, suddenly there was blood everywhere, not to mention the lower abdominal pain which was driving me crazy.  I have had this battle with a fibroid that led to my having surgery about three years ago, could it still be that this fibroid has staged a comeback? “ No”, I said to myself the symptom appears harsher this time around.

The first thing the next morning, I paid an unscheduled visit to my Doctor, and after some scans and examinations, he was about to tell me what was wrong. My heartbeat had increased, I did not know if I should be more bothered about the sanitary pad I had on, which had become drenched, or If I was anxious about what he would be telling me.

 He then broke the news, Madam Tracy, it appears your fibroid has regrown. I jumped to my feet, “what do you mean regrown?” I asked, after spending over three hundred thousand on surgery to remove it?

Madam Tracy calm down, the doctor said, you see sometimes these things happen he said. You see, it is believed that hormonal issues lead to the growth of these smooth muscle cells of the womb, which is generally called fibroids, you see, there is that possibility of a re-growth if the hormonal challenges that caused it in the face place are not addressed. Well, all these are postulations any way he continued. The fact remains that fibroids do grow back, I will suggest we schedule you for another surgery.

Another surgery? I replied in anger, I hissed and left the Clinic in anger. On my way home, I remembered Angela my childhood friend who encouraged me three years ago to use supplements from her company. Then, I rebuffed the idea and opted for a surgical procedure. Three years on, I can’t believe am contemplating calling Angela for the same Issue, after all, I went thru, trying to solve the problem. Angela is a Healthgarde Consultant who introduced me to a pack of products she calls fibroid pack and in my situation, after three and a half month, am free of Fibroid.

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 3. The Efficacy of Healthgarde Products Made Me Register With The Company. 

Nwaneti Chika:

Today, am helping women with similar issues, solve their problem. And if you are reading this material now and you have an issue with Fibroid, help has just located you.

Just give me a call and be introduced to nature-based products that can free you of Fibroid without surgery. It has worked for so many and I am believing God that your experience will not be different.
Because together we can!

I have always known or hear about "Healthgarde international" over years and naturally ignored it until last year. I took Aloe vite, Buchu detox, Defender, Super cider, 40plus for women, and Omega plus as recommended for the purpose of detoxification and balancing of hormone not knowing that is working for another thing in my system because 2 years ago I was diagnosed and the scan reported that I have a Fallopian tube blockage. But because of money, I could not afford to buy the second pack, so about 3 months ago I have to visit my doctor for something else and made use of the scan, after the scan, the result reported that am free from Fallopian tube blockage
I was so surprised and mad at the lab attendant to the point, I accused him of faking the report because I know I had been diagnosed with tube blockage. So the doctor says I should visit another lab which I did, low and behold, the report is the same. I quickly remember that I took Healthgarde international herbals supplement last year because of that am very happy am a member today. I thank God I was lucky as others to get such great results with a pack. For more information about this wonderful product, you can contact Felix Joshua: +2347038574473, +2348074256315.

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4. A Mind-Blowing Testimony On Healthgarde Fertility Products

My name is Juliet Okafor, and I want to share my testimony. Some time ago, I was made to believe that I wasn't supposed to be a woman, as I unlike every other woman can not have a child. But today, the story has changed, thanks to Healthgarde fertility products.

I got married when I was 22 and as a child brought up in a Christian home with the fear of God, I never knew any man before I met my husband. But somehow after three years of marriage, I was yet to have a child. Just imagine very strange a situation. 

After that three years, life became hell for me in my husband's house... Unfortunately, my husband was the only son, so you can imagine the pressure on him to get a child.

Even though my husband knew very well that he was my first and only man in life, he could not stand the pressures from his close relatives on my inability to get pregnant. He practically joined hands with them against me, and soon after our fifth year in marriage, as I could not bear the humiliations and frustrations, I walked out of the marriage. And we officially divorced.

I started to live my life, not thinking about man or marriage. Two years later I had another suitor. Of course, I was still very young, about 27yrs. I didn't want to go anywhere, I didn't want to undergo another humiliation, I didn't want to experience another heartbreak. So in an attempt to scare the young man away, I told him of my condition, but to my surprise, he was not being moved. I told him all the story in such a rough and ugly way, hoping to get him off my shoulder, but the more I tried to push him away, the closer he comes. 

He just said that there is no problem in this world without a solution. If there is any problem inside, we are going to find the solution from outside together, and if there is nothing, we would just have to look unto God.
Well, you guessed right. Soon we got married. But before then we ran fertility tests from two different laboratories, just to be sure, and the two said there is no problem with me, that I can have a child
After two years, nothing happened. We started going from church to church; from one prophet to another to no avail. In the midst of all these ugly events and experiences, I met an old classmate, Lizzy a Healthgarde international distributor. . In the process of discussion, I told her my story, so she told me about the Healthgarde supplements. I was reluctant to it at first but when I told my husband about it, he said we should 6try it. And we started taking it together. After three months, I just found out that I have not seen my period for some time. I went to the hospital and the doctor told me I six weeks pregnant. In the cause of time, I gave birth to a baby doy Like joke like joke, while I was still in cloud seven with the joy of being a mother, I took in again. These made me become a distributor and today I'm a mother of three children, two boys, and one girl, in less than five years.

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5. Another Mind Blowing Testimony On Healthgarde Fertility Products

From Ibegbulem Victoria:
The story of a lady my friend brought her to me, she is in her late 40s to be precise she said she is 48 years with no child of her own...She came with her friend and I told her to use our supplements that infection is the major cause of infertility in some homes these days.

so I encourage her that our products will build up any dead cells and make her look younger and equally get pregnant but she said that she has used so many things including one popular supplement too and others but nothing happened.
That we should not bother, that it will still be the same, that she has no money to waste 

She opened up to me that she has blocked tubes and High Prolactin(milk coming out from her breast) and her hubby have a low sperm count and she will soon reach Menopause that her menses is no longer flowing well. That she has started to experience Menopausal Symptoms.

I told her that nothing is impossible with God that even now her Menses is saying bye-bye gradually that this is even her more chances of taking in faster,  that her fertility level is at the last peak stage now, and that it can even be twins.

That she should give it a try I promise her that I'll guide her through with home remedies and diet plans.

Behold she later accepted after long pressure, she bought hers and her hubby infection pack, took it for one month, came and bought her hormonal Imbalance pack and her hubby fertility pack, took it for one month, in fact, she said she was using her money that she doesn't want to disturb her hubby.

She then took her fertility treatment...It was amazing, she came back looking 10 years younger than herself,

It was unbelievable!
After months, 

She called me, that she has taken in,  yes she is pregnant, wow, I shouted and she said she wants to stay like one month indoors before coming out... She said that she is so happy, that our supplements work, that seeing is believing, is real, I thank God Wow! even I doubted it but I later confirm it...

It was indeed, awesome, God is too much and his faithfulness is just amazing...We give Him the glory... Healthgarde products work, 

We don't know what we have, please everyone should be bold to encourage people to use these products it works!

The point is that lots of people talk about the money but if you compare what we spend for fertility in the hospital, the text, Scan, IVF, Artificial insemination, etc all their price and amount one spend, you can testify with me that our Supplements is still cheaper ... Am so happy and I thank God for this testimony.

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6. Testimony On Treatment Of Hypertension Using Healthgarde Products: 

What We Need to Know as We Age Graciously.

We can’t see high blood pressure, And most of the time, we can't feel it, little wonder, it is called a silent killer.  For people with hypertension, it’s important to understand its dangerous effects, and to take action today, to bring it down to healthier levels.

Unchecked blood pressure can cause a lot of damage.

This effect can double your risk for a heart attack; quadruple your odds for a stroke; raise your risk for heart failure, vision loss, kidney problems, 
dementia and circulation problems such as peripheral artery disease (which causes pain in your legs); weaken your bones, and contribute to erectile dysfunction in men.

Last year, I met a man who is in his late 50's, in the cause of our discussion, he narrated his ordeal when he traveled to Germany. He was having high blood pressure, excessive snoring which eventually became an embarrassment to him, he visited his doctor over there & he was told that the only solution is nasal surgery,  out of fear, he couldn't do it.

As a Healthgarde distributor, I assured him of getting his health back with our supplement, and the man said if I can do that for him, that he will forever be grateful as the issue is creating a major problem for his marriage.
First of all, I placed him on the following πŸ‘‡recommendations:
1. Lose a little weight (because he's on the large size)
2. Reduce intake of Alcohol 
3. Exercise 
5. Improve on your diet 
6. Reduce your intake of salt

Then, recommended BP supplements to him. After 2 times of dosage supply, the wife called me, with full of praises in his mouth, that the whole snoring, the gasping of breath he usually has, has stopped. Above all, that his BP reading is mostly normal now.

Today, they had referred me to so many of their friends with different health challenges.

So if you're having any such case or any other health issues, please feel free to WhatsApp me on  +2347038574473

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7. Testimony On Healthgarde Buchu Detox

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8. I Never Knew I Can Be Back On My Feet Again!!!!

Joy Onu:
I have been having pains from the waist down to my right leg. It started when I was 25 years and now am 40 years. It was so severe that I couldn't stand for so long at least 5 minutes without sitting down. 

It got to a point that u couldn't walk from a pole to the next one. The pains kept on increasing day by day.  At a stage, I started feeling hotness from my waist down coupled with uncontrollable sweat.

I went to so many hospitals but to no avail. Suggestions were coming from left and right, I was directed to somewhere in Ibadan for a native treatment, it came down but later resurfaced again. This time around, I got paralyzed. I couldn't sit, stand or move. I couldn't do anything on my own with crucial pains. My siblings were helping me to do so many things.

On a very good day, my friend visited me with someone. When the lady saw my condition, she introduced Health Garde products to me and advised me to give it a trial which I did. After the first pack, my condition changed. I saw a great improvement in my health. It took them for 3 months everything came back to normal. I started doing those things I couldn't do on my own. I became a distributor and started doing it as a business.

If you have any health challenges, get in touch with Felix Joshua, you can call or WhatsApp Felix Joshua on +2347038574473. These products are wonderful. 

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9. Testimony On Treatment Of Hot Flashes, Night Sweats, And Irregular Menstruation

Vivian Ogbuagu:
Mrs. Ajayi a working-class lady in the city of Ibadan complained of hot flashes, night sweats, and irregular menstruation. The nature of her job did not avail her of the opportunity of seeing a doctor. In my discussion with her, I found out she had tried so many drugs to no avail. I made her understand that what she is passing through are signs of menopause which is a natural occurrence in women mostly between the ages of 45 and 50 years. I placed her on HealthGarde 40 plus for women, Omega plus, and Calmag Plus. She said when she started taking the supplements she noticed tremendous changes in her body, the hot flash had reduced and the night sweats. I know there are so many people out there going through similar experiences why not Dm/ call Felix Joshua on +2347038574473.

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10. Unusual Thing Most Women Encounter In Marriage.
..... Late Child Bearing.....

Chiamago Judith:
Am happily married to a man of my choice and we are living happily, loving each other but there was no child. years are going and my husband is not worried because he believes in God's times but as a woman, I have begun to feel it and am worried about it. I and my husband have gone to see the doctor of which he sent us some tests. after the result was out, Dr said that my husband has a low sperm count and mine is a blocked fallopian tube. we ask the doctor what can we do, then doctor advised us for good treatment not just treat but he said he's going to treat us with a Good Natural herbal medicine which is going to cost us one hundred and fifty thousand for a start and the treatment is going last for three months or more. I and my husband look at each other and we agreed to start it if that will help us to be better and we paid the money for the treatment. he gives us some injection and he brought out parks of healthgarde product and give to us. and advised us on how to use them. I look at the picture of the product I remember my neighbor who has been telling me about this healthgarde product so we collected it's from the doctor and left. Geting home I went to neighbor and told her that me and husband went to see a doctor and he ran test for us  and he said my husband has low sperm count and mine is fallopian tube blockage so he said he will treat us with natural  herbal medicine which happens to be the product u have been telling me about.but the doctor said we will use it for three months or more i remember you told that one can register with the company so with registration one can save cost.yes my neighbor said then I registered and became a member of healthgarde company and while i was still using the product as d doctor said, after three month something like clotting of blood fall out of me and my husband sperm have become normal and before the three months that doctor gave to us, i missed my period i called my neighbor an told her that i haven't seen my period that month she suggested I should go for test which I did when the results came out ,I  was pregnant  then i realized that hearlthgarde products works and am making money through it. In the case of using the product, the company is paying me a commission.
I thank God almighty...so dear what are you waiting for. joining the Healthgarde international company with God and the product u will tell ur own story


Natural Rossy:
September 15th, 2019, to be precise in Edo State at one of the popular public transport systems in Benin - City, Edo State, I ran into a beautiful Lady called Yemsi during my Health sensitization at the park before we left for Lagos. I noticed she flipped through the flyer I handed over to her from page to page with all seriousness.
Excuse me, Madam, she said, can your product handle "CANCER CASE". Yes, Madam, I answered. How may I help the patient, " I asked because she wasn't looking sick". Please, I am the patient in need of the cure for CERVICAL CANCER I am in severe pain. She took me behind the bus and opened her mouth. I was grip with fear. Her tongue had turned green and broken. She was already in stage 4 and has been on Chemotherapy for about 3years but all medications and treatments were to no avail...
I assured her that HealthGarde products will reinstate all dead Cells back in her. Immediately I brought out Aloe Vite from my bag, opened it, and gave her some quantity to gurgle her mouth for about 10minutes, and thereafter gave her some to drink. She was so grateful at that singular act of care I displayed at the park. And I said In HealthGarde we care about your wellness. We both exchanged numbers and she promised to call the following week when her husband returns from his trip abroad.
While on the journey, this Lady slept almost all through except for Ore, where we had to stop a little while to get food for the journey.
At about 5.30am the following day,  Madam Yemsi woke me up with excitement. Please Madam, where did you say your office is located. Is anything the problem, Ma, I asked. No, Madam, Sorry if I scared you. For the first time since this sickness befell me,  I soaked my bed with plenty of blood. Don't you understand, I just saw my period, which has ceased for over 3years now.  I slept like a newborn baby and to crown it all, I felt the taste of water. Why wouldn't I be grateful to God for sending an Angel to me through you? Your product is a bomb and I can't wait any longer for next week to get the products... I want to come over to your office this morning. Indeed I believe your products can take care of my health challenges.
The good news is that she didn't just come alone, she came with 4other women having the same issues, today all of them have abandoned the Chemotherapy and are very much better, gaining back their health,  eventually turned them into becoming great HEALTHGARDE CANCER  PROPAGATORS.
Do you want to know more about HealthGarde and its great benefits?, Chat Felix Joshua up on +2347038574473.

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12. Testimony On Treating Secondary Infertility Using Healthgarde Products

Blessing Chosen:
I have a family friend who has a baby of 4years old, since then she has not been able to take in again. 
I told her about healthgarde products and how she can as well use them as a business and make cool money, cos I know with God on our side. She will conceive and have another child with the help of these products.

She decided to give it a trial in the month of January last year 2019. 
She took the products for three months and after that, the husband took few ones to boost the sperm count. At the early stage, the husband never believed the products will work for them.
By August she missed her period, it was the husband that called me and said he reserve his comment cos he never believed me at the initial time.
By the first week of this month of April, she delivered a bouncing baby girl. 

I am overwhelmed with this testimony

13. Testimony On Healthgarde Eye Wellness Pack

My name is Lilian Charles.
  It all started one beautiful morning, my encounter with Mr. Kelechi Nweke at Arena market Oshodi through the seminar I had with Mrs. Ihuoma and her friends. After the seminar, Mr. Kelechi approached me stating his unbelief on the efficacy of the HealthGarde products, and I ask him why? he gave his story on the eye surgery he had in Luth hospital which after the surgery, the growth right inside his eyes balls re-occurred, going back to the hospital, he was told by the doctor, he needs to repeat the surgery that is for the second time.
    At this point, I urged him to give the healthgarde products a trial and stated to him that the efficacy of the product will terminate the growth from the root(source) instead of surgery, he was convinced and took the complete eye pack which consist ( Eye Garde, Pro B, Omega plus and multi vite) and the result was excellent, the growth was gone to the Glory of God. And his testimony got me connected to so many people with different health challenges.
      If you are having glaucoma, cataract, any eyes-related issues, or any health challenges, don't hesitate to call or WhatsApp Felix Joshua on +2347038574473.

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14. Using Healthgarde Products To Treat Body Ridden With Sores All Over 

Okechukwu Eunice
        Madam Amanda had hesitantly agreed to join our team move up the train to  Adeniyi Jones after several invitations. No doubt she is a very busy person with her position as a proprietor of a private  Nursery and primary school. Thanks to the experience she had at the move up without any further promptings she came down the next day to register with a number of products which according to her was just to meet the family needs and also that the result of the products would determine her next action, I welcomed the whole idea knowing fully well the efficacy of our products. Exactly one week later, madam Amanda burst into our seminar center looking rather perplexed. Her countenance confused me,  looking directly at me she asked " ARE THESE SUPPLEMENTS OR SOME OTHER THING?". Still confused,  I was unable to answer but she kept repeating the question, so for clarity, I asked " is anything the problem? " With the same variation of voice she said,  "YOU DIDN'T TELL ME YOUR SUPPLEMENTS CAN RAISE THE DEAD". I sighed now relieved that it was something good.  So I asked for a detailed explanation and she narrated thus:  
          It was a  Tuesday afternoon, and a teacher in a particular class came to her to report a very unusual case.  A boy in her class had been leaving the class on permission every two hours claiming to check on his sick mom.  Curious, she immediately called in the boy for questioning. Even still,  she could not believe the picture the little boy was a painting of the state of his mother so she decided to go with him to check on her herself. On getting to their apartment, it was unbelievable that the person lying with a corpse-like body ridden with sores all over was an elegant woman she once knew, she was alleged to have been poisoned. What could be done?  She thought to herself, at least let it not be that the woman was left to die in such manner without any effort being made.  She called the husband who was at work to know if she could recommend  HealthGarde supplements. His reaction was a shocker as he lamented over how he could do nothing as he had spent every dime he had in taking her to various places and was at the moment greatly indebted.  What he waited, for now, was the will of God- it sounded like he awaited the worst (death). What a world!  She thought.  She could at least be charitable with the supplements she had bought for her family. She had bought 1 African potato,  1 Defender, and  1 omega plus. It was a great risk she thought but what else could she do.  She administered them to her for two days and the next day to her surprise,  the woman could sit up and all the sores were dried, this couldn't be! 
What kind of supplement does this!

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15. Using Healthgarde Products On Diabetic Patient

Olivia Uzoegwu:

I have a friend by the name: Favour, she is staying with her mother-in-law hence the husband stays outside the country. I have been calling her to join me in the business, but she kept giving me one excuse or the other. Not knowing that the mother-in-law is a diabetic patient.

Sometime ending last year the husband came into the country for a housewarming and Thanksgiving, I was invited but couldn't make it to honor the invitation, so the next day I have to visit them to say congratulation.

When I entered the house I saw my friend's husband with her mother-in-law with a serious wound on her five toes, bleeding and bring out water. I was shocked but looking behind a nurse who used to give her insulins was also there with her material. When I want to go I call my friend and ask her to come and get some products for her mother-in-law to clean the surfaces of the wound.

Mama heard me and said my daughter na today, I have gone several places because of this leg and my children have spent a lot on it, this one na God's hand. Mama said since 3yr she has been in that condition. The first person who treats her collect over 1.150k from Badagry and she stays there for 3 months. She was there her husband died and when they to the village, native people and Pastor tried their own but no solution. Mama was still talking when the son who came from abroad interrupt what company is that I said healthgarde international.

Are you sure that this product will do something on this wound? I said with God yes sir. The man said I hope not to sell drugs that why u are saying all these things, I said not at all for people who have used it and get results mama's case will not be different. If you are sure bring your products. Mama has wounds in her private parts and under her breast, he added.

 I said ok, I gave mama 
I use hand gloves and use our Aloe vite to clean the surfaces of the wound and poured African potato on it. After two weeks the children call me and were very thankful and ask me to supply 2 more diabetes packs.

This time I ask my friend to register with that products so mama has been telling her friend who has one sickness or the other that Healthgarde products are final.

In case u are having a similar case contact Felix Joshua on +2347038574473 and sing a new song for our God has not changed.

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16. Using Healthgarde Products For Treating Absent Menstruation (No Menstruation)

Ama Okon:

I went to my aunty's place, on getting there, I told her about Healthgarde international supplements and she asked if I had any to show to her. Thank God I'm always having products with me every way I go. I showed her our aloe vite and told her the benefit of it.
She reluctantly took a capful after complaining of its taste but, 20 minutes after taking it she screamed "Ama I don't like what you've done to me"
I was scared and ran to meet her in the room, lo and behold she had started her menses and that was when she told me she hadn't seen her Menses for over a year after a major operation. Isn't it amazing?

17. Using Healthgarde Products On Stroke

Destiny Akuchukwu;

It was about 4pm on 28 Dec. 2019. It was a chilly but warm harmattan evening and I was strolling with my wife in the village. I hardly noticed when the car passed but we were interrupted by a strong insisting vehicle's horn from behind. We carelessly turned to know what was wrong.

"Emeka! Emeka!" I heard my name from the car, but I don't think I knew the voice. "Darling, excuse me let me know who's that", I said to my wife and I carefully walked to the car. "Jesus Christ" I exclaimed. "Emmanuel, is that you?" By then Emmanuel had opened the door and happily came out. We exchanged pleasantries. 

Emmanuel was an old-school friend I have not seen for a long time. He invited me to his place the next day as he was going somewhere then, and we departed.

I was in Emmanuel's place the next day, the father was there in the sitting room. When I came to greet him, he didn't take my offered hand. I went and sit down and I didn't give it a meaning. Somehow along the line as we discussed, I noticed that all the while we were talking the man was not moving his hands nor legs.

After my stay as I wanted to go, "I hope all is well with your father?" I asked. "Hmm! That man had been walking for the past two years," he answered. "In my inquiry, he said the man had a stroke attack. " What did you do about it," I asked. "My brother at the beginning I thought it was a minor thing, there is no place we have not gone, and there is no treatment we have not tried but all to no avail." I smiled a little and asked, "really?" "Yes!" He answered. Then I told him about Healthgarde products. "My brother, you don't have to worry yourself. Do you know how many of those things we have tried? Just forget about it." He concluded.

I have learned to always have with me a bottle of Omega plus and Stress Active and on that faithful day, my intuition to take along didn't disappoint me. "You know what, I have been a distributor of Healthgarde international for and I what my products can do." I opened the small bag I was carrying and brought the two products out. "These two are supposed to be part of the products your dad." I opened the two in his presence and take two each and put them in a sachet. "Take these and give him everything after dinner." I packaged another and gave him. "You too, take these. You looked stressed up. Am sure we are seeing tomorrow," I smiled confidently and parted with him.

"Hello, hello, is anybody here? Emeka! Emeka!" We had just finished our morning devotion around 7am the next day when I heard someone calling my name outside. Your guess was as good as mine. It was Emmanuel.

"Good morning, good morning" we greeted each other. With this inexplicable joy of hope glittering in his face he announced, " this your product is superb, it's wonderful. I have never seen any product work so fast to declare it worth it. Please I hope you have something for diabetes too."

To my surprise, he two packs each. I even offered to register him to lessen the cost, but he said no, that I should do my business. Of course, I know he won't do the business, he is a well-settled businessman.

The good news is that, after three months, he called me and told me that the father is now walking with his two legs,   and going everywhere he wants.

I don't know what chronic health condition you or any of your friends or relatives are passing through. I want to assure you that no matter where you have gone or what you have tried for the treatment and failed, Healthgarde products will not disappoint you.

Dm or Whatsapp Felix Joshua now on +2347038574473 for more inquiries on any health condition. You can also join us and change people's lives while making good money for yourself.

18. Using Healthgarde Products On Prostate Problem

19. Topic.  Enough of that Excuss in the BedRoom.

Ibrahim Justina UDUMAGA: 

Hay! I am talking to you, no take shame swallow spit.

Listen to this short experience of a man that was referred to me by my good neighbor.

Mr. Tom is a young man of 35 years old and he works in a bank as an accountant, very diligent at work in the office. He normally leaves his home every morning by 5 am and drives to beat the hold up at Victoria island and comes back home by 9.30 pm or at times 10 pm as the case may be. 

The wife on the other hand will be expecting and waiting for him to come back at least safely and eat his food and do his duty as a man.  Each time is bedtime, Mr. Tom looks for Excuss not to perform his God-giving duty to his wife but will be full of complaints about the stress of the job in the office, road, etc. At times, when he manages to try, he will only do one round and beg the wife to help him stand as a man. What rubbish!!

It almost sends the wife to start looking outside for help. But thank God she met her friends my neighbor after open up to her about what she is going through. My neighbor introduced her to me knowing full well I am a healthgarde distributor and our products handle such cases as libido, weak erection, infections, low count sperm, prostate issues, stress (to mention a few).

After questioning Mrs. Tom I introduced some of our products which she bought and took home, and she gave it her husband and herself drank, in fact, it was her call on the phone that rang and woke me up blessing and praising God because the man took charge of the stage and performed credibly well and their home became heaven on Earth.

Yes, you will say that is not your case, but be true to yourself, and answer these questions.

Are you still in charge of the bedroom?

How many rounds can you go and satisfy your wife?

Mind you the Bible said: go into the world and multiple and subdue the Earth. How are you fulfilling that portion of the Bible? 

Pls, don't let me go on and on just chat with Felix Joshua privately so that you can talk about how to take charge in the home front and bed front. No carry last.

Felix Joshua's phone is +2347038574473.

Real story thanks.

20. Testimonies On Healthgarde Aloe Vite (Swissgarde Aloe Power)

Franca Swiss Eze:
I want to quickly share a little testimony of what our products did for my elder brother that I found out two days ago... My elder brother used to snore very badly.... the sound of my elder brother's snore could compete with the sound of a generator... When my brother starts snoring we all wake up and watch him sleep... We pity his wife who has lost so much weight from not having enough sleep because of her husband's snoring nature when he sleeps... In January, a customer who lives in Makurdibought Aloe power, Buchu power, Fat Absorber... When she got delivery of the products, it turned out that she was pregnant so I asked her to send the products to my elder brother who lives in the same State... That I would refund her money... My brother has taken Aloe power, Diavite, and Defender... Before now... So this Easter, we had a family event in Enugu my husband's place and my brother attended... At night, I got up to go and wee... Everywhere was calm and there was no noise or snore from my brother's guest room... I became scared... I quickly put on the light and touched him to check if he is breathing... My elder brother changed his position and continued sleeping......πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ In the morning, I asked him what happened, that he didn't snore last night as usual... My in-laws attested to the fact that they were expecting to hear his snore but didn't... Lo n behold, my elder brother said since he used the products that the pregnant customer sent to him... Aloe power Buchu power and Fat Absorber...... He has since stopped snoring and that his wife is very happy.....

Sussy Swiss:
Yes ooooo Good day all i have a testmony on Aloe power ooooπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘- it all started on 2014 my husband has this cold that everybody thought is not ordinary.. hmmm we have used so many drugs to no avail we then concluded that is someone that is behind it, then we started going for prayers☺ to God be the glory I came in contact with a member of Swissgarde (Healthgarde) January this year 2018 and i fell in love with the business then I joinπŸ˜€ i bought some products including Aloe powerπŸ‘πŸ‘when I got home that day i said to myself why not use the Aloe power to know how it test and i open it and drink some and my husband too said he wants to test πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ and he said he likes it that i should leave it for him😝 and he Finnish it within three days;;;;; to cut the story short after one week he asked me if I noticed anything for some days now and i said no he said the cold, nose blockage and all the wahala he have been facing has disrepair after taking the Aloe power and I was like wowwwwww am so happy, I bless the day I join Swissgarde (Healthgarde) πŸ™πŸ™

Onyi Peace:
Aloe power is a powerful body cleanser that cleanses the body like no other. I gave aloe power to a 52 years old woman that saw her mensuration last on her 45th birthday. She took it just for three days and to my greatest surprise, she called and said her menses have started flowing. This happened three months ago and for two months now, she's been experiencing a normal flow. Swissgarde (Healthgarde)πŸ‘

Idongesit John::
Aloe power is superb. I gave Aloe power to my friend who had raised BP, long-time diabetes, stones in the kidney, toxins in the liver as confirmed by the test she did. She always looks feeble. And She was on family planning till she reached menopause she did not have menses again talk less of looking for pregnancy but all of a sudden after one bottle of Aloe power. Her skin became beautiful and she appeared healthy. She confessed that her tolerance to carbohydrates has improved as she is not urinating as she uses to. The most exciting part is that she is heavily pregnant.
Thanks to Aloe Power
Thanks to Swissgarde (Healthgarde).

Aloko Gbeke:
A Lady testimony on Aloe Power
Good day all, I have a testmony on Aloe power ooooπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘- it all started on 2014 my husband has this cold that everybody thought is not ordinary.. hmmm we have used so many drugs to no avail we then concluded that is someone that is behind it, then we started going for prayers☺ to God be the glory I came in contact with a member of Swissgarde January this year 2018 and i fill in love with the business then I joinπŸ˜€ i bought some products including Aloe powerπŸ‘πŸ‘when I got home that day i said to myself why not use the Aloe power to know how it test and i open it and drink some and my husband too said he wants to test πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ and he said he likes it that i should leave it for him😝 and he Finnish it within three days;;;;; to cut the story short after one week he asked me if I noticed anything for some days now and i said no he said the cold, nose blockage and all the wahala he have been facing has disrepair after taking the Aloe power and I was like wowwwwww am so happy, I bless the day I join Swissgarde (Healthgarde) πŸ™πŸ™

Good day all, my testimony goes like this, after my first issue, there was a delay we went for the test, it showed tube blockage & hormonal imbalance with traces of infection, which she combined their packs respectively, to the glory of God after the second week she started using the products she conceived.

My name is Mrs progress Ugbechie Egede my first son is HB SS ( sickle cell )we discovered it when he was just 8 months old and it's been a terrible experience for every member of my family, l joined Swissgarde (Healthgarde) because of the efficacy of the products before then it's been one crisis after another always having blotted stomach that takes us to the hospital and we will be there for weeks before it resolves but since I started using Aloe power for him we no longer go to the hospital as a matter of fact since I joined Swissgarde (Healthgarde) last year may, he no longer goes on admissions anymore, and my marriage life has also improved for the better since am always around to take care of my family unlike before.
Aloe power is a bomb!
Viva Swissgarde viva!

Adauk Adauk:
Viva swissgard. Viva my name is Ada Ada
In d first place in the year 2016 when I entered Swissgarde from the flayer that was given to me after reading it I found out that no treatment without Aloe power so I decided to drink it and see what is so special about it low and behold my menses that is flowing like water to d extent that I will use up to 3packs of the pad in a day regulated how did I know in that particular month that i took it it wasn't flowing the way it used to flow and on the next month, it came out normal as it uses to be when i have not married. even when am doing my recruit i usually tell people what i experienced that Aloe power did for meπŸ‘‹

Aunty Akure Under Mr. Kayode:
My 85 years old Mama Drink Aloe power every day, she looks fresh and healthy, since we opted for Swissgarde (Healthgarde) Products instead of heart surgery. She cooks her own food and attends to family matters. Always telling people with any health challenges to using Swissgarde (Healthgarde) Products

Modupe Adebusola:
I appreciate God's hands-on Swissgarde (Healthgarde) Products.
1. I started low sperm count treatment on a young man of 34 years based in the UK, marriage of 6yrs in June. I told him d treatment wl b for 3 months, but to the glory of God he started taking the 3rd pack last 2 weeks, he called me & sd 'aunty thank you so much, my wife went for pregnant test & she proved positive, I screamed on d phone & shouted hallelujah because before he started, his parents asked me if the products wl work for him because the problem occurred when he was a baby after circumcision & I assured them it will work if they join their faith with mine.
2. I was called by someone who read my article online, he has been battling with infection for a year plus & has taken other products even registered with them like Kedi, Fohow, GNLD, FLP, etc & asked if I am very sure because he doesn't want to waste money. He said he doesn't sleep & all his systems pepper him that he is not ok at all. I assured him it will work but he must be treated with his wife, he agreed, to my surprise he called 4days after & said: Madame, your products worked as if it was the one that put the infection in his system' & he registered immediately.
3. An old man who was urinating blood d in-law called me that he could not sleep as he use to & his organ has started swelling, I gave him prostate cancer pack, the man took it. In the morning & around 5:23 pm, I saw the man missed call on my phone & I called him he said the baba is still sleeping since morning. They bought it last Wed, the man called me this morning that baba is ok now. Thank U Jesus

Premium quality nutritional and herbal alternative from healthgarde international. Available for sale from Healthgarde Consultant Swissgarde Agent / Distributors call now +2347038574473, 08074256315 in Port Harcourt Lagos Warri Sapele Ughelli Asaba Benin Aba Owerri Enugu Uyo Abuja Onitsha Jos Kaduna Kano Gombe Nasarawa Lokoja

Through the DHL E-Commerce platform, we also deliver Swissgarde Products to the United States, Netherlands, France, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Estonia, Thailand, Singapore, Germany, Switzerland Call +2347038574473 OR Whatsapp +2348074256315


  1. Please Mr Felix, how do I become a healthgarde registered distributor/agent/consultant?

    1. For more information on how to start Healthgarde business, call/WhatsApp Felix Joshua on +2347038574473, +2348074256315


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