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How To care For The Vagina: Save The Vagina Now!!!

To maintain a healthy vagina you must know what to do to avoid infection and it is equally important to educate your sexual partner on some of them to also help you help the vagina. How To care For The Vagina: Save The Vagina Now!!! Here are a few things you can do or avoid 1. Fingering During foreplay or romance, as part of it, some people insert their finger or fingers into the vagina. The question is, how many people wash their hands before sexual intercourse? Some people do not even keep their nails clean so it gathers a lot of germs and during the fingering, these germs are deposited in the vagina...leading to infection . The same thing applies to auto pleasure acts or masturbation. 2. Anal sex I am not here to tell anybody to have anal sex or not to but I simply want to draw the attention of those who engage in anal sex with the opposite sex that it is dangerous to have anal sex and continue having penovaginal sex. If this is done, the penis will pick bacteria from the

MLM Training For Pros: The Art Of Choosing Your Words In Network Marketing Business

If we have two Healthgarde Consultants who put in the same effort at selling our products, with one rejoicing due to the number of sales made and the other lamenting as a result of bad sales, the reason will not be farfetched. One was probably using the right words among other things and the other was not. So, the big question is, how can your choice of words translate into sales. The Art Of Choosing Your Words In Network Marketing Business With the right words, you can engage and sell. It is important we know the right choice of words. Let's expatiate on this. When talking to prospects some make the mistake of being too technical about explaining the extracts of a particular product or talking about everything contained in a marketing plan.  For instance, do you need to talk about the total number of amino acids and vitamins a product contains? or talk about how many levels your marketing plan has. At the onset, it is not necessary because it is not what your customer ne

Routine And Discipline: 5 Keys To Building Momentum For Your MLM Business

Have you noticed how easy it is to compare some people’s efforts in our business to the waves of the sea? When I joined this company, I can remember the faces I met who were quite prominent but have faded into oblivion. I have seen these waves at 90 days, 6 months, 1 year, and even 2 years. I have seen a wave that made someone grow to the highest strata, only to disappear with time.  5 Keys To Building Momentum For Your MLM Business So, what can you do that will help you build momentum that will sustain your career for a long time? Let me give you some tips. 1. Stop looking at your results  The number one killer of momentum is scrutinizing your results every few steps or days and being too hard on yourself for lack of results. Have you not noticed those who left Healthgarde after just a month of doing the business? I am also addressing people that have been consistent for a half hour to 2 days and are upset that they could not recruit anyone. The ill feelings may come from comparing

29 Unimaginable Things You Can Do With Your WhatsApp

If you are not yet sleeping and tired of learning, let me show you some stunts you can pull with your WhatsApp. 29 Unimaginable Things You Can Do With Your WhatsApp 1. Hide WhatsApp group photos and videos from the gallery.  Most of us don’t have much control over what content is pushed to our phones via WhatsApp groups, and this content showing up in your phone’s gallery can be a huge problem.  WhatsApp has now added the option to hide media from particular groups in the gallery. Just open a WhatsApp group and tap on the group name to access the option (as shown in the image below). This method won’t remove already existing WhatsApp images in your gallery (you will have to delete them) and will hide new incoming media only.  Now let's go to the next 2. Secure your WhatsApp using a Fingerprint lock  Before using the fingerprint unlock, you must know that in case the fingerprint authentication fails, there is no option to unlock using a pattern.  3. H

14 Network Marketing Tips For Guaranteed Success – How To Grow Your Healthgarde MLM Business

YOUR NETWORK MARKETING BUSINESS IN EVERY HOME, MORE THAN A PASSING WISH Often times we use the slogan, “Healthgarde MLM in every home” which aptly illustrates the desire by key players to have Healthgarde as the choice brand for all Nigerians when it comes to Food supplements and the Multi-level marketing industry. But if we do desire to make the slogan a reality, we all have a huge role to play.  How To Grow Your Healthgarde MLM Business So, what does it take to Spread the gospel of Healthgarde’s financial goodness that is based on the most effective food supplements in the Nigerian market? 14 Network Marketing Tips For Guaranteed Success  (1) Digital Market According to NCC ( Nigeria Communication Commission), The population of Nigerian internet users is 90,029,182. That is twice the population of several African countries. And the market is free for your taking. The interesting thing is that you don’t meet the usual bottleneck you face when you do face-to-face marketing.  Recent

Wonders Of Breast Sucking - Benefits Of Breast Sucking To The Sucked And The Sucker

BREAST SUCKING The Woman's breasts are filled with hyper-sensitive nerve endings that get stimulated when touched, sucked, or licked. Wonders Of Breast Sucking - Benefits Of Breast Sucking To The Sucked And The Sucker Men love to suck the breast just as women love their breasts to be stimulated. But some men avoid a woman's breast as soon as she gets pregnant because they believe breast milk is harmful to Adults. BUT  Can An Adult Also Take Breast Milk? YES... Breast milk is quite beneficial for adults too... It increases adult immunity as it does in children. Benefits Of Breast Sucking To The Sucked And The Sucker Benefits Of Sucking Breast To The Woman: It helps to balance the cardiovascular system. If a woman's breast is sucked for a long period of time, it increases the heartbeat rate of a woman to 110 beats per minute. It is very good exercise for your heart health . Want A Firmer Face? Then do not be reluctant for your hubby to suck your bre