How To Overcome Rejection In Network Marketing

Rejection in the field when marketing can mentally drain us of the will to forge on in our business. The most successful people in network marketing learn and master how to not let rejection affect their business. How does one become more mentally tough about taking a no?

How To Overcome Rejection In Network Marketing

The most successful people in network marketing learn and master how to not let rejection affect their business. 

6 Ways To Deal With Rejection In Your MLM Business

How does one become more mentally tough about taking a no?

1. Learning To Love "No"

People, in general, do not like being rejected as we all have an inherent need to feel accepted by the people around us. However, the first step in becoming proficient at sales or recruiting is to understand that when people say no to the purchasing of a product or joining your business, they are not rejecting you as a person.

A no simply means no. It doesn't mean you are a bad person, it doesn't mean they don't like you and it certainly doesn't mean they will not buy your product or join your business another time.

Their answer has absolutely nothing to do with you and everything to do with what they are in need of at that point in time! It is time to move and get over it. If you are struggling with this or even if you are a veteran, here are some tips you can use to strengthen your ability to overcome rejection from a potential client.

2. You Can Control The Response

People new in network marketing always make attempting to talk to family and friends about their business. Focus initially on family instead of ongoing through more potential clients. Trust me, it is okay. This will get you used to accept rejection and understanding that whether they say yes or no really is not under your control.

You can't control what their answer is, but you can control how many prospective clients you sit down with that week. Put the numbers in your favor and just ask enough people until someone gives you the answer you want. So with the people you know, you can practice how to move from one no to the other until you land on a yes.

3. Ask More Questions

Learn to ask more questions. There is always a reason why a person doesn't want to buy your product or join your business. Ask them to explain why they don't see the value in it. Enough answers to this question will give you some insight into what you can do to promote the business or product better. You will also uncover some misconceptions they might have had about the business and clarify it for them the benefit they did not pick up on.

Asking them why they do not want what you are selling will also affirm for you that they really have nothing against you and just don't need your product. This should boost your confidence and put you in the right state of mind.

4. Emotionally Disconnect From The Outcome

Remember that rejection may not be written into your marketing plan of the business, but it is a big part of it. To be emotional about business function is suicide and your attitude will be like a roller coaster with dips and valleys at unexpected times. Your attitude is all you have to protect it by reading positive mental attitude books and listening to motivational testimonies of your leaders or other worthy people. This is very important as your attitude will go down if you do not maintain a steady flow of positive reinforcement. It is like a gas tank that needs to be refilled every time it is half full. You cannot afford to let it get close to being empty because it needs to be overflowing with enthusiasm for the tougher prospects who will want to be convinced rather than sold... The more positive you have, the more positive you will give out and the more you will get back. Do you need a tip? Visit my Youtube channel and watch the motivational speeches of Mary Aluko, Marian Oboh, or Mama Reg, and trust me, you will be charged to do more.

5. Embrace Failure And Learn From It

Understand that success and failure are Siamese twins. You must go through failure in order to be successful as the road to success is paved with failure. 

Every person in history who has ever become great had to go through numerous rejections before being given a chance. Luckily for you, you will be no different. 

If you can persist and get to the other side of failure, success is waiting for you.

Embrace every NO as bringing you one step closer to a YES. Focus on getting your failure rate higher and by default, your success rate will increase based on the law of averages.

One must develop relentless perseverance to be successful as a business owner. Relentless perseverance is consistency, but consistency under pressure."

And most important of all, change your environment. Get away from negative people that will drag you down further emotionally and instead put yourself in an environment with positive people. Just being around them or talking to them will motivate you.

6. It's-A Numbers Game

So the bottom line is recruiting is a numbers game. In order to go fast, make sure you have plenty of people to talk to. Make the commitment to increase your contact list every day and add to it.
Whether it is meeting people in the market, social clubs, church, or doing internet marketing, you NEED TO INCREASE YOUR LIST EVERY DAY.


That simply means when you are emotionally down, go talk to your upline. But when you are emotionally up and excited, go tell your downlines. And never the other way around.

So in summary, when a prospect says no. He or she is simply saying: convince me on why I should go along with what you are telling me.

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