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Swisssgarde A&R Complex And Double Rub Massage Cream

Get Swisssgarde A&R complex and Double Rub Massage Cream at 30% discount
A&R complex Contains:

1.Cod Liver Oil(Contains vitamin A & D).    2.Celery Seed.  3.Selenium    4.Devils Claw (a plant that grows in Namibia).  5.Glucosamine.   6.MSM.  7.Calcium carbonate.

Dosage: 60 in all Capsules for 30 days-

Health Benefits:

1.Effective for treating Arthritis and rheumatism.
2. Eases severe joint, muscular and waist pain.
3.Aids cartilage repair.
4. Combats free radicals and inhibits certain enzymes that destroy the cartilage that lead to arthritic problems.

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Double Rub Massage Cream
A soothing massage cream, containing the herb Arnica, used for muscle aches, pains, and stiffness.
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    energy always.

    1. can you share your testimony on swissgarde A & R complex


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