10 Inspiring Healthgarde Business Stories | MLM Success Stories

Nneka Nwarueze
Although Healthgarde is just one year in business,  God took us through quite a journey to get here. To get where we are today, we had to be shaken every time we got comfortable with our position.
The ultimate push came when we were faced with the possibility of more than 15000 people in our network losing their means of livelihood and everything they had worked for over the past years. At that point, I felt I'm becoming a failure.  That moment was our wake-up call and we heard God saying we should start our own company and the rest they say is history.

 In Late 2019 when we were planning our launch in Nigeria, we certainly did not even dream of what an adventure this was going to be.

 It has been great working with and developing so many people, especially this past year. My heart is filled with so much joy every time I hear the products and business testimonies. All I can say is " I give God all the Glory "

10 Inspiring Healthgarde Business Stories | MLM Success Stories 

Lovelyn Bassey - COO
 As a person who grew up in direct selling, it is such a  thrill to work with independent consultants at various levels today. We do our best to provide consultants with support and structure so you can focus on what you do the best worry-free. 

 We have the right policies, processes, and procedures in place to guide you and we have deployed the right technology to boost our business such as our consultant websites and portal that helps you manage your personal business. Throughout the COVID-19 experience, we have adapted to video conferencing for training and equipping our consultants with social media skills as well as other online marketing tools to sell their products with and grow their businesses.

 We plan to expand our reach throughout Africa and  North America in the next year so watch this space. We have only just begun!



 Healthgarde Products combine the best of nature and science by using natural herbal extracts that have been proven to be effective. Our formulas are unique and have all passed rigorous quality tests to meet our high standards, which is why NAFDAC has approved all our products.

 What a roller-coaster ride our first year has been!
 So exciting and so much has happened! Going forward we will continue sharing our wealth-building business opportunities.

My best wishes to you all.

List Of Top MLM Success Stories In Healthgarde Network Marketing

 This business has changed my life financially and  I earn millions monthly. It has created several opportunities for me to travel to several countries with my husband and children.

 Despite COVID, God has enabled me to build a team comprising Directors, Executives, Senior Managers, and so on I have also been made a Stockist to reach closer to my downlines and other consultants.

 I have been privileged to win several awards, built houses, bought cars, and by the Grace of God, my children attend good schools. To God, I give all the glory that he lifted an ordinary person like me and I, therefore, encourage you all to stick to the business because I know that Together We Can.

2. Ebere Obodozie
Independent director 
Before I joined Healthgarde I was a grocery seller for four years with nothing to show for it. then I heard about healthgarde then Swissgarde and that people are making money and I joined. Since I joined Healthgarde my Life changed, and everything about me changed. I have bought plots of land, build houses; bought Jeeps, and traveled to over 20 countries all expenses paid by the company. My children also attend some of the best schools.

I have built a large network in different parts of Nigeria and I earn millions every month. So I urge everyone to dream big, believe in themselves, and choose to succeed. Never give up, stay positive and make it happen because if you don't stop to make money, you will talk to beg for money.

 joined Healthgarde because I had a terrible case of  Arthritis and Rheumatism. The efficacy of the products and my ambition for financial growth convinced me.  

Some of the unique things I love about the company are the use of technology to monitor team performance,  superior product formulations, testimonials, and the compensation plan. I also love the fact that there are different ways to earn, with emphasis on relationships,  different ways to earn, and emphasis on relationships,  these I can proudly say I have enjoyed. Oh, I will not leave out the part where l earn millions monthly.

  Healthgarde is the place to be !!! The ability to raise leaders and mentors is my specialty, and my dream is to produce outstanding great leaders in 2021 and beyond.

I am also one of those that joined this business due to health challenges. I was convinced by the efficacy of the products and the business opportunity was very appealing.

 Since I joined Healthgarde, have always pushed to be better and do more because have a never give up attitude which has passed on to my team.

 I have traveled overseas with the company to many countries and experienced many new things. I have a   beautiful home and car, thanks to Healthgarde.  To the Glory of God, I am also a Stockist and my business is growing from strength to strength.

 I joined this business mainly to make money, which I enjoy today. The business opportunity was too good to pass up.

 Through this business, I live very very comfortably in my own home and drive my own car. My children go to excellent schools and I have traveled overseas with my husband, all expenses paid by the company.

 Just like most of my co-Directors, I am also a Stockist,  which gives me an avenue to reach more people with our excellent products and great business opportunity.

 Healthgarde is the perfect business to be in with constant personal and financial growth constantly.

Healthgarde Testimonials

6. Together we can inspirational stories

Healthgarde embraces empowerment and we have witnessed so many stories where lives have been changed for the better. one such story is about  Ijeoma Okoro who joined our business at the time she was in dire straits. I could not provide for my family. some days we had no food and there were many times when I could not pay school fees or buy clothes for my seven children. It hurt me to see them like this.

I joined healthgarde and worked really hard to succeed. After a few weeks, I could provide for my family and send my children back to school. my daughter Precious Okoro has been a superstar and has recruited our teachers and pastor to help me succeed. She is a natural entrepreneur and I want to thank healthgarde for changing our lives. This is a God-blessed company.

7. Sandra Uzor
My life has dramatically changed. I have two lovely boys who I sent to great schools. I've bought my car and Built my very own house - Sandra Uzor.

My name is Sandra Uzor. I am a Healthgarde consultant. I am a graduate of industrial chemistry from Delta State University and because I could not get a job I became a tomato seller to make a living. my family looked down on me and my husband left me due to my pulse circumstance and they were ashamed of me. 

While selling my tomatoes a lady Joy Okafor came to make a purchase from me then introduced me to the Healthgarde business opportunity and also showed me her achievements in the business. initially, I did not want to do the business because I had encountered other network marketing companies without any results. she kept following up on me and because I also wanted to achieve a lot in life, I joined. It has since been a wonderful experience.

Since I joined, I have been growing steadily. My earnings have increased drastically and my life has dramatically changed. I have two lovely boys who I send to great schools, I've bought my car and built my very own house. My family wants to associate with me all the time and look up to me.

The Healthgarde products are so effective which makes selling very easy and the compensation plan is highly rewarding. as an executive, I do not end anything less than half a million Naira per month excluding the 25% retail profit I make from selling the products. I have grown so much and the company also granted me a stockist in Agbor, Warri to expand my business even further. 

Thank God for mama lovely for the vision and the entire Healthgarde management for their constant support. my thanks also go to my upline Joy Okafor and Director Gbekw Aloko who have always supported and helped me grow. Healthgarde is truly my family and together we will continue climbing to greater heights.

8. Mandy Onyia

Hi, together we can. It's testimony time. My name is Mandy Onyia. My appreciation goes all out to God almighty for the journey so far and to Mama Lovelyn Nwarueze and our COO Lovelyn Bassey for their strength, innovations, consistency, and bravery which brought about the foundation of all our testimonies in our great company called healthgarde today. 

This happens to be my sixth year of hard work, great achievements, diverse testimonies, and disappointment from prospects but I didn't allow them to bring me down. The greatest turnaround and relief happened in my business and my life when we migrated from Swissgarde to Healthgarde. I came into the business as a tenant and owned just one car but through the proceeds of the business today I live in my own house. Driving two cars with one being a Mercedes SUV GL 450 to be precise. to crown it all after several miscarriages and one failed IVF god bless me with a lovely princess in the month of April 2021. who said our fertility pack does not work order the business does not pay, check my story. If you believe in what you do and never take no for an answer, if you are consistent and always see yourself as the only active lead in your team by recruiting daily. Always show up for training and advice your team to do the same. If you apply these tips and a few more, then the sky will be your starting point... shout out to my team members, my upline Mrs. Chiwendu Ike and Director Mariam Oboh for all your encouragement and support in building a great team. We are still a work in progress and I pray and believe in bigger us soonest! Amen. Thank you and God bless our great company. together we can!!!

9. Koko Anyiam

10. Juliet Ifeoma
_Truly, I became a millionaire within a year of joining Healthgarde. I saved huge and choose to buy land_ - Juliet Ifeoma

Hi. Together we can! My name is Nnadi Juliet Ifeoma from Enugu State. I am a graduate of biochemistry from Enugu State University of Science and Technology. I am married with four lovely children. I am here to share my testimony and to give hope to the women out there whom their husbands, neighbors, families, relatives, and in-laws have labeled a liability. It was a bitter experience being poor. Chai, I want to glorify the name of the Lord for finding favor in me and showing me the way to riches through Healthgarde. also to my original mom, a CEO with a good heart, thanks for keeping healthgarde her life to sustain people like me.

I was a lady with zeal but after graduating, no job, married still no job, it was terrible. I can't forget the day my landlady called me a liability in my husband's presence, they mocked me and I wept. I left my newborn baby to start selling clothes, I ran to Onitsha to buy clothes constantly for 5 years but I can't boast of one naira. I tried some networks yet all was in vain. God saw my tears, pains, insults, and how I was mocked and He decided to have mercy on me by making me meet an old friend. She asked me to register but I couldn't afford the registration. I ran to my husband... Hahaha, he mocked me even more. he reminded me that I sold clothes for five years without saving any money, he practically ran my spirit down, and he also called my family to report me. My mum and my sister told me to accept my faith that it is not by working hard that you are guaranteed riches. I rejected all the negative advice.

I took my one-year-old daughter and product flyers to some friends whom I trusted, they laughed, mocked, and discouraged me so I left weeping and decided to excel without the people I know. I started marketing in the street, on buses, Keke, everywhere. my dad broke the record for me by buying our products which is our pride, and making me register with them. He took our Dia Garde and boom after 3 days of perfect test results, I was connected to his Doctor Who treats people with our products. my first month in the company, my sales rose, next, I earn 21,000 with gladness around to my husband, another great shock. He created my worst fear by telling me I will be arrested at the bank. He asked me which company pays me after buying products?

I took my friend to the bank because of fear and we agreed I will borrow her money if we succeed. Chai poverty can make one foolish. losing my first money over fear made my heart huge and strong to excel and the next month boom I made 72000, next I made 148000, and WOOO!!! In the fifth month, I treated a fibroid case with our product and the destiny of the lady gave me sales that I was paid 532000. I fainted seeing a lot of money in a short time. None of my accounts could accommodate such money so I opened a zenith account. Truly I became a millionaire within a year of joining Healthgarde. I saved used and chose to buy land.

I told my husband's younger brother that I want to buy land, when we got to the bank and I paid, my husband cried and embraced me, he pleaded that I should forgive him for discouraging and mocking my zeal. In the next months, I started building and it has gone far. I surprised him by relocating to a better building and environment. I started a business for my family and in 2020 we launched our new name, I stood strong, I had zeal because I love my company, and I rejected distraction, advice, and discouragement. I was so focused on the new marketing plan and I was able to save my salary from February to October to buy my car. 

Healthgarde international empowered me to acquire a car even when I did not know how to drive. I love marketing and telling people about our products. Even during my pregnancy, I took our CalMag plus, Omega, etc and I was very strong.

Healthgarde made me the woman I am today, Healthgarde lifted me, took me to so many places, and soon I'll be traveling to South Africa. Healthgarde turned my mockery into praises, they now said I'm lucky, I am now favored, I am no longer a liability. my husband talks so well of me now, he calls me baby mum and even my Healthgarde is my pride.

A company that gave me life, joy, pride, food, shelter, connections, hope, and lots more. imagine Healthgarde dashes my money just for buying, I sell my products, make my gain and a month and they pay me too. I have nothing to lose.

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