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Red Alert Notice: Christmas Health Tips

As we prepare for celebration I want to send out this warning.  My interest is on peoples health. We have always experienced a high rate of distress calls for stroke issues immediately after any major festivity. People with high blood pressure are at a higher risk of stroke, so also are people with high cholesterol level. My advice is to know your cholesterol indices and check your BP level. The reason is that you are more exposed to food items that increase your cholesterol level and BP during festivities, you will be exposed to more fried foods, hydrogenated oil, sweets, highly processed carbohydrate from refined white wheat flour used for making cakes, chin-chin, doughnut etc. Higher amount of fried meat, fish etc and all these can easily build up your cholesterol level and the ability of your blood to form blood clot,  these clotted particles in the blood can easily block a blood vessel in the brain or heart which are the organs with the smallest blood vessels hence leading


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