Healthgarde Hormonal Imbalance Pack, Helps Boost Female Ovulation, Build Up Healthy Eggs

Hormonal imbalance pack will help regulate your prolactin level(This is a rare condition that can delay growth and puberty in children, and cause premature aging in adults, lack of ovulation, etc. affecting your ovulation after seeing your period every month still not be able to take in) this pack helps to boost the female ovulation, build up healthy eggs and balance the hormones, it helps regulate hormonal imbalance, it improves fertility in both men and women, normalizes irregular menstrual cycles, delayed Period, etc. In men it nourishes the male reproductive organ, increases sperm count makes it to be quality and quantity. 

Nb for effective result.  you need to do a 2 weeks detoxification with Aloe Vite and defender, to detoxify your body system against toxins accumulated waste it will help mob out all free radicals untreated infection, Or you can get our Fertility cleanse pack.


  • This pack regulate female hormonal imbalance
  • It prevents hot flushes and mood swings 
  • It promotes Sexual activities in women
  • It prevents pre & post-menopause crises 
  • It prevents internal heat. 
  • It prevents aging in women

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1 Buchu Detox. 1 Pro B. 1 40 Plus For Woman. 1 Omega Plus., Each ingredient has a specific action to achieve a successful result.
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