14 Network Marketing Tips For Guaranteed Success – How To Grow Your Healthgarde MLM Business

Often times we use the slogan, “Healthgarde MLM in every home” which aptly illustrates the desire by key players to have Healthgarde as the choice brand for all Nigerians when it comes to Food supplements and the Multi-level marketing industry. But if we do desire to make the slogan a reality, we all have a huge role to play. 

How To Grow Your Healthgarde MLM Business

So, what does it take to Spread the gospel of Healthgarde’s financial goodness that is based on the most effective food supplements in the Nigerian market?

14 Network Marketing Tips For Guaranteed Success 

(1) Digital Market

According to NCC ( Nigeria Communication Commission), The population of Nigerian internet users is 90,029,182. That is twice the population of several African countries. And the market is free for your taking. The interesting thing is that you don’t meet the usual bottleneck you face when you do face-to-face marketing.  Recently we have shown our Distributors what they can do online. But in reality, most of us are just working on Facebook alone. We need to harness the online market more effectively to achieve success.

(2) Seminars

Let us conduct more seminars and avoid the town hall meetings that many conducts in the guise that they are conducting seminars.
How structured is your seminar?
Do you give out feedback forms to participants; in order to do your follow-ups after the program? Do you use projectors to beam presentation slides during your seminars?
Do you take seminars to the prospects or do you arrange for a venue and wait for people to come when you know how busy people’s schedules are?
Do you use Social media to build participation for your seminars?
An honest answer tells you how you are doing

(3) Outreach Team

If you live in one part of the country where you think you are doing well, step out of your comfort zone go to other parts of the country, build and motivate new ones that will help you grow your WTO (wholesale turnover). I know some Lagos-based Distributors that have teams in cities like Jos, Nnewi, Nsukka, Benin, Abeokuta, etc. More of this should be encouraged. And our Achievers should think of Establishing Stockists outlets in some of these areas.

(4) Higher Institutions

Do you know that Institutions of higher learning present another fertile ground where most people can do their business?
Why not conduct seminars where students are shown how to manage stress and improve concentration for learning and exam preparations. Ladies can be introduced to our long list of cosmetic ranges, while some who want to make some extra cash can be encouraged to do the business online.
Lastly, you can sponsor Essay competitions on topics that relate to your business, to create awareness and draw more people into the business.

(5) Groups and Associations

Do you belong to any group or association?
Do they know you as a Healthgarde distributor?
Have you done your best to put up informative health talks that will inform and educate the group and as well as to popularise your business?
 Be on the lookout for groups you do not belong to, but have large memberships. It is your job to seek ways of penetrating these groups with your message.

(6) Health parties:-

 Host a home party and do a good job explaining to people how they can do the business too and earn an income. You can also organize roadshows to create awareness for your product and business.

(7) Newspaper ads:-

If you do these effectively, you can get some good network marketing recruits from these as well. But you have to be aware of existing laws and how to craft your message.

(8) Shows:-

 Do a booth at a show and you will probably get a recruit or two as long as you make sure to tell people about the opportunity.

(9) Free samples:-

Give these out to people but be careful and have some method of screening rather than just giving them to everyone. In this business, you create happiness for yourself by giving out happiness to others.

(10) FLYERS:-

Pass them out to large numbers of people. Target large celebrations or occasions that have mammoth crowds, design and print a flyer in thousands, and spread them.


Put catchy sentences such as “I am looking for 3 people, who want to make huge incomes monthly” on them and will be amazed at the kind of attention you will generate.


Put them on your cars. You can produce about 500 stickers that will contain good info and your contact, next give yourself the task of convincing up to 500 Keke Marwa operators ( commercial tricycles) that will move around town with your stickers.

(13) Programs:- 

Create different programs e.g. prostate and breast cancer awareness and many more where people will be educated on issues that they care about.


Don't forget to ask people who else they know who may be interested and encourage them to go the extra mile to talk to them on your behalf before you meet them.


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