MLM Training For Pros: The Art Of Choosing Your Words In Network Marketing Business

If we have two Healthgarde Consultants who put in the same effort at selling our products, with one rejoicing due to the number of sales made and the other lamenting as a result of bad sales, the reason will not be farfetched. One was probably using the right words among other things and the other was not. So, the big question is, how can your choice of words translate into sales.

The Art Of Choosing Your Words In Network Marketing Business

With the right words, you can engage and sell. It is important we know the right choice of words. Let's expatiate on this. When talking to prospects some make the mistake of being too technical about explaining the extracts of a particular product or talking about everything contained in a marketing plan.

 For instance, do you need to talk about the total number of amino acids and vitamins a product contains? or talk about how many levels your marketing plan has. At the onset, it is not necessary because it is not what your customer needs to hear at the beginning. They want to know what's in it for them. 

You need to talk about what the product or business can do for them. 

When it comes to the product, you can tell them:

My product can help you......

.........have a younger skin
.........lose weight and look great
.........have more energy
.........sleep better at night

Then when it comes to the business opportunity you can say things like:

My business can help you...... money on the taxes you pay
..........make some cool cash while you sleep
.........not worry about retirement or layoffs
..........have more time for your family even as you earn big
These are the basics, you can brainstorm with your team members to come up with others

Now I must warn all healthgarde consultants reading this, to fire these basics up, for better results. 
What do I mean?
People will want your products or business, not only for what it can give them (which are the basics I talked about earlier) but how it makes them feel. So you need to talk about the experience/feelings that they care about.
Now, let me demonstrate this with the points I made above:
My product can help you lose weight and look great (basic) so that you feel excited about the next August meeting with your fellow wives, when all eyes will be on you, because of the great shape that will be on display (experience/feelings).

How do we apply this to the business proposition?

This business can be your “plan B” in making money (basic) so that you will not suffer what some retirees suffer, where some collapse in the queue while waiting for their benefits (experience/benefits).

The last part of this equation is to make sure that your message must target the right audience. For instance, my last example will not bother a teenager; neither will the “August meeting” example bother some aged grannies.

Let me illustrate:
I help Stressed out corporate executives (target) to get out of the rat race of financial dealings (basic)
and earn six-digit figures that help them to be a toast to their friends and loved ones ( experience/ benefits).
So remember the rule :
Target + basic + experience/benefits = Good sales delivery
This has formed part of my personal strategy. Hope it helps someone.
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