As you would have noticed by now, most six and seven digit earners in Swissgarde are people with impressive teams not just in cities that they live but in other parts of the country as well. So, I urge distributors to expand their teams and move into other states and cities for a sustainable and successful multi-level marketing experience.But the big question might be : how do I set up and expand a new team in a city that no one knows me?


Your circle of influence includes your current downlines, family, friends, religious denominations, association or groups. So, let us practically demonstrate it. Suppose you are a distributor in Lagos who wants to set up a team in the South southern part of the country, first let it be a city with either our depot or a stockist outlet to make it easy for your new team to be served effectively.

The good news is that our stockists and depots are spread across the country, so choose a new city that is not far from one of them. Next, find out who among the people that constitute your circle of influence that belongs to a group, association or professional body and set up seminars in these cities.Give yourself targets of how many seminars you want to have in a week or a month. Push these seminars month in, month out to build a formidable team.


All of the cold market prospecting strategies still apply to you. You can still go to a restaurant and prospect a waiter or waitress. You can still go to a networking function and get business cards and follow up with them. You can still do all of those things. You can go on Facebook and look at the local Chamber of Commerce, see who’s members of that and reach out to them.


This is definitely the oldest form of marketing and advertising used by businesses since the world began. While it may bring slower results
than radio or television, it still works very well. Because people are becoming increasingly suspicious of paid advertising, I still
think word-of-mouth remains one of the most trusted methods in the world today.When a customer is happy and satisfied with a product or
service, there’s a natural human tendency that they are likely to share this experience with people in their circle of trust and 
influence – family, friends, colleagues, neighbours and sometimes, strangers. Depending on the type of city you can employ the services of town
criers to either broadcast information on either your business oppurtunity or effective products. sometimes they can be used to gather 
participants to either your business meeting or seminar.


Everybody loves free stuff. Giving away some of your products and services for free does three very positive and interesting 
things for your small business: First, it lets people out there know that you exist. Second, it gives you a chance to prove the value of
your product or service and show that it really works. Third, it provides your future customers with a risk-free way to try out your
products or service without spending any money. And if customers find value in your products or services, they will be willing to pay
money for it. The good news is that Swissgarde boasts of very effective products


Everybody loves to win. It’s not just always about the prize you win, it’s the thrill of getting lucky or beating other people.
Let’s say since you’re in the health business and sell health products. Let’s also say you start an interesting contest teen, middle age woman and an elderly woman with the longest natural hair and the prizes may include products like Skin,hair and nail, Royal jelly ,trip to a local resort. To enter for this contest, all the contestants will have to submit an essay about how they care for their hair.Can you imagine the kind of buzz this could create for your business?

To spread the word about the contest, you could use word of mouth and social media like Facebook . Potential contestants will start to talk about the contest and create free attention and buzz for you.Even though many of them will not win the grand prize, they will still be interested in finding out more about your products and services.


Flyers remain a simple but very effective way to publicise and advertise your business. They usually work best for small businesses that
target customers within a particular area (such as university campuses, residential estates, offices and industrial areas).
To try out this method of advertising, you don’t need to invest in very expensive flyers. If you have limited funds, it’s best you 
focus more on the message you want to deliver and not on the pictures, graphics or colours .


More people now depend on the internet for information nowadays.More people are watching YouTube than they watch television. More people read news websites and online magazines instead of the paper versions. Even big companies have recognized this shift and are now investing more in online advertising over the traditional ones. Since more people now spend more time on the internet, it only makes sense that you follow them there.There are different forms of online advertising but one of the most popular remains Google’s Adwords Program and Facebook add,You can consult my earlier articles on this.

We have discussed quite a couple of simple, cheap, interesting and creative ways to spread and expand your business. While some methods may not work for every one, you will not lose anything by trying them out to see which one work best for you. I hope you will find this material helpful.

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