Routine And Discipline: 5 Keys To Building Momentum For Your MLM Business

Have you noticed how easy it is to compare some people’s efforts in our business to the waves of the sea? When I joined this company, I can remember the faces I met who were quite prominent but have faded into oblivion. I have seen these waves at 90 days, 6 months, 1 year, and even 2 years. I have seen a wave that made someone grow to the highest strata, only to disappear with time. 

5 Keys To Building Momentum For Your MLM Business

So, what can you do that will help you build momentum that will sustain your career for a long time? Let me give you some tips.

1. Stop looking at your results 

The number one killer of momentum is scrutinizing your results every few steps or days and being too hard on yourself for lack of results. Have you not noticed those who left Healthgarde after just a month of doing the business? I am also addressing people that have been consistent for a half hour to 2 days and are upset that they could not recruit anyone. The ill feelings may come from comparing ourselves to others but the fact is, even the amazing sponsor machines didn’t start off fast, but they did get consistent.
 Stop looking at your results every few days and just commit..commit to sticking with a routine that includes active prospecting for 30 straight days and then adjusts the routine. If you do this every month for at least six months, you will most likely outperform your expectations. Build that momentum by being consistent and you will THANK YOURSELF for doing so!

2. Motivation is the key to success:

Since your team members are crucial for your business growth. It’s important that along with you, your team members are also motivated to work hard. Here, create a robust motivation strategy and always motivate your workforce at all levels. Always, share your business goals with your team, appreciate your team’s efforts, encourage your team to come up with new ideas, and give each one opportunity to grow. Above all, always be positive and excited to encourage your team. It might surprise you to know that most whose flames have gone down, may not be good at this.

3. Knowing your team: 

is vital in your business and most importantly, to maintain that, it is crucial to know your team. For efficiency and better productivity, know who they are, and what are their individual expertise and interests. This way you can effectively leverage everyone’s stronger skills for the betterment of your business.

4. Don’t be influenced by success: 

Once you get success in your business, a plethora of new opportunities open up to explore. Don’t get distracted when you achieve a goal, set a new one soon! The big question then should be what other strategies I must explore to keep the boat sailing. Remember that an extraordinary thing today becomes an ordinary thing tomorrow. That’s what some leaders fail to realize.

Now how can those whose momentum has cooled off pick up again? 

The best way I’ve found is that you just need to do one thing and get that win. Say something like, “Today, I’m going to set one appointment, and that’s all I’m going to do.” Then tomorrow, pick one other activity to accomplish. If you just do one thing every day in the pursuit of the growth of your business, you will find yourself in a new rhythm and developing belief and confidence to be able to build on that. After a while, you’ll be able to do more activities each day, and then your lost days will start to fade. What you don’t want to happen is to have lost days accumulate without stopping them.

Once you get a little bit of momentum, you’ll find yourself on track and more productive. Once you get your momentum going, then you can give it a major burst for a week, month, or 90 days in order to be able to create radical results and success in your business. 

In all the above points, you will notice that routine and discipline play a key role. So let’s build and sustain some momentum for our work.
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