Swissgarde Supplements For Cervical Cancer Stage 2

A dietary supplement is intended to provide nutrients that may otherwise not be consumed in sufficient quantities. This combo is for patients with Cervical Cancer Stage 2
Key features
This combo contains Aloe Power, Buchu Power, African Potato, Super cider, defender, immune booster, 40 plus for women
It detoxifies the body system
It builds the body immune system
It enhances the action of body vitamins and minerals.
Aloe Power(NAFDAC): A7-04147L
Buchu Power (NAFDAC): A7-1468L
African Potato(NAFDAC): A7-0426L
Super Cider (NAFDAC): A7-0603L
Defender(NAFDAC): A7-1277 
Immune Booster(NAFDAC): 04-9962
40 Plus for Women(NAFDAC): A7-1323L.
For more information and/or to become an independent distributor call/text: Felix Joshua +2347038574473, 08074256315


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