17 Great Benefits Of Aloe Vite - from Healthgarde

 Immune Protector Aloe Vite With Green Tea, Ginseng, Sutherlandia & Tumeric

Aloe Vite Contains:
Aloe Ferox, Green Tea, Sutherlandia (cancer bush), Ginseng

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17 Great Benefits Of Aloe Vite

  1. Stay hydrated
  2. Nutrition boost
  3. Heartburn relief
  4. Digestive benefits
  5. Promote clear skin
  6. Healthy liver function
  7. Balance body's alkalinity
  8. Reduce gum inflammation
  9. Helps to control blood sugar levels
  10. Antioxidant-rich to boost the immune system

  1. Improves general health
  2. Helps the body fight infection in combination with Defender and Pro B
  3. Burns belly fat due to green tea content
  4. Helps in detoxifying the whole body and part of the combination for fertility cleansing
  5. Effectively fights staphylococcus infection (as part of combination in Staph treatment pack)
  6. Helps fight cancer and restrict cancer cell growth
  7. Serve as a health tonic for the young and old

Other Greate Benefits of Aloe Vite
  1. Helps to treat pile (it contains soluble fibre for easy digestion)
  2. Enhance blood circulation, energy level, and stamina
  3. Helps to dissolve kidney stone
  4. Aids poor digestion and cleanses the digestive system
  5. Helps address certain female issues such as blocked fallopian tubes, ovarian cyst, and fibroid (as part of a combination)
  6. Offers anti-inflammatory benefits

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