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Tonight is going to open our eyes to the danger we are causing to ourselves with our eating habits of dairy products especially those of us that love Agric-chicken. How dangerous they are to our health. As herbal practitioners, we should know better so to know what to tell our clients(about their eating habits) when treating them.

When we are treating particular ailments, we do ask our clients to avoid certain food. Why? This is for us to get fast results because failure to tell them to avoid that food will Make their recovery slower and if care is not taken, they might not get any results despite the effectiveness of our products.

I will be dropping a material here tonight through my research on dairy animal products. I hope this will open our eyes to see the danger we are causing to ourselves and how we could help our clients with their eating habits in their treatment.

I will also be telling us how to detox products are very important in this area.


Every day we are on the receiving end of a simple chicken experiment yet we are totally blinded that we fail to receive sense from it, even common sense. 

Just as we are bombarded with lots of lifestyle changes many of which are not without costly consequences. We ask ourselves why the rise in cancer, cardiac arrest, arthritis, obesity, hypertension, diabetes, infertility, depression, etc but we fail to properly experiment and learn from around us the cause of these lifestyle change-related health challenges. We seem to be comfortably settling into the doctor's explanation that it is either hereditary or the cause of it is unknown.

I would want us to learn from a very common experiment as a result of changes from the old lifestyle or old ways of rearing chickens we know to the present-day broilers and layers both for commercial or home use. We will be shocked to notice that a lot has happened to our chickens without our notice. Strange enough we are also part of this experiment even worst we are on the receiving end of it. 
Chickens of old were reared free-range meaning they are allowed to move around and also notice that they find their way home on their own once it is evening. They feed on grains, plants, insects, water, etc. You can differentiate male from female chickens that mate to produce eggs and they hatch their eggs on their own without the need for a hatchery. They are used as meat when that is matured. 

Present-day rearing involves you going to the hatchery to buy day-old chickens because the adult can't hatch the eggs on their own, after all, they didn't mate to produce the eggs or maybe I should have started by asking where are the modern-day male chickens? I mean both broilers and layers?  They've all turned to females or probably are terribly low on libido that you differentiate the usual ever-running-after female cock of old, what must have happened we don't care to know. Now after getting the chicks you have to begin routine vaccination like we experience as humans. They need to always be placed on antibiotics and vitamins to keep their immune system up, or else they may easily contract flu or purge terribly. They need to be fed from feed formulation that is either commercially bought or formulated with lots of protein, some grains, and additional growth enhancer chemicals,  hormones enhancers, fattening agents, egg production enhancers depending on the breed, etc. 

The effect of using these commercial feeds for chicken cannot be overemphasized. The chickens in appearance are obsessed and heavier and fatter. The heavier they are the more premium we pay for it. Some are so obsessed that they can't even stand or walk. Their feed joints are swollen and skewed with the appearance of being Arthritic, sometimes I wish they could talk about their pains. The fact that they produce eggs without mating is a simple sign that their hormones are just out of place. And as they will always be given a vaccination, antibiotics, and vitamin C shows how terribly low their immune system gone. The effect that fears the most is the psychological implication unlike the local chicken of old that can coordinate its movement, run away from danger,  mate when necessary, and return home in the evening. These new bread can't do all these, can even find their way home. 

But surprisingly in this experiment, I have also noticed something if you buy this new breed and rear them just like the old way,  feed them whole grains such as corn, millet, etc allow them free range they drastically reduce weight to normal,  walk normal and become healthier again with no need for drugs and vaccination. In fact, I have seen a farmer who could afford the commercial feed at a point in time and so resorted to feeding them whole grains they quickly transform into a local chicken and so their value in the local market drastically reduced.

Our animals are becoming biological machines, this same experiment is to observe virtually all our domestic animals, high breeds of cows are used to produce milk in commercial quantity all year round simply because they have been injected with hormonal disruptor drugs.  These can be seen in women with hormonal imbalances such as high prolactin, milk constantly comes out of the breast even when they are not breastfeeding hence sending the wrong signal to the brain that can affect female fertility. Simply put the chemicals used for animals are finding their way into our bodies. Our men are also gradually becoming modern breed chickens with terrible libido unlike the old local chicken we know that goes after its hen with such ferocity. Our men are becoming women in bed. I see hormonal imbalances everywhere these days that are affecting both males and females. Have you seen an operated fibroid before? Google it and see they look very much like premature eggs found in chickens that are yet to develop a shell.

You are turning into a commercial chicken by what you eat and drink,  excess animal products feed our bodies with the excess hormonal disrupted from these commercial animal products and it is telling it's a toll on us. 
People are afraid to tell you this truth because it will affect lots of business. But I can sleep without letting you know this truth and I am always conscious of the fact that I will be held responsible if I don't tell you. 

We need to overhaul our entire lifestyle and only a lifestyle change can help us stem the rise in indices of degenerative health issues in our society. Cancer, heart disease, stroke, and infertility, is on the rise daily spearing rich or poor, young or old. Routine detox is a sure path to true health and healing.

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