Natural Remedy For Seized Periods And Hot Flashes From Healthgarde

The combination also regulates hormones bringing back seized periods. 
Amenorrhea (seized period) can be caused by different factors like infection, stress, hormonal imbalance, pregnancy, fibroid, or early menopause. In the case of early menopause, stress, and hormonal imbalance; this pack can be used but in case of infection or fibroid, that should be treated. Visit my page for the pack via the links.
When you suffer from PMT (Pre-Menstrual tension) then Omega Plus is a very beneficial product to take because it contains Omega-6 Oil which is known to assist with mood swings, general discomfort, and tender breasts. When you start experiencing Menopause which is usually experienced by mature women (45 years and older), then 40 plus for women is a very beneficial product to take because it contains St. John’s wort which helps with symptoms such as hot flashes, weight gain, and depression. 

Omega plus 2 dailyAloevite half glassRoyal jelly 2 daily

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Healthgarde Seized Periods And Hot Flashes Remedy


  • It takes care of  amenorrhea (seized period))
  •  It assists with menopausal symptoms in women. (e.g. hot flushes, mood swings, anxiety, tiredness) 
  •  It helps both pre and post-menopause periods in women. 
  • It prevents frigidity in women (No Sexual feelings). 
  • It enhances concentration and reduces mental depression.
  •  Helps with hormonal balancing in women. 
  • It contains anti-aging and leaves the skin looking young and smooth. 
  • Reduces cholesterol 
  • Regulates blood pressure


1 Aloevite, 1 royal jelly, and 1 omega plus

Premium quality Natural Remedy For Seized Periods And Hot Flushes from Healthgarde International (Swissgarde). Available from Healthgarde Consultant +2347038574473, 08074256315 in Port Harcourt Lagos Warri Sapele Ughelli Asaba Benin Aba Owerri Enugu Uyo Abuja Onitsha Jos Kaduna Kano Gombe Nasarawa Lokoja. Through the DHL E-Commerce platform, we deliver Healthgarde (Swissgarde) Products to the United States, Netherlands, France, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Estonia, Singapore, Germany, Switzerland