New Discovery On Time Management - How To Convert Time Into Money

BIG TRADE SECRETE! How to turn your hours into cash.

Instead of working on important tasks that will generate both sales and recruits, many consultants allow unimportant things consume most of their productive hours. They waste time on low yielding tasks that earn them a minimum return like School runs, household chores for extended hours, going to deliver products from one part of the state to the other or watching popular soap opera on their cable TV.
Meanwhile they forgo the activities that produce bulk of the revenue for their business. You will all agree with me that being busy, is not the same as being productive. So, what is the value of your productive hours? And how best can you put them to good use.

Now, for us to manage our time most effectively, we must calculate the value of our productive hours, otherwise known as hourly value. Once you have figured out how much your hourly rate is, you would know what to give your priority in your scale of preference in order to have an increase in your production.

New Discovery On Time Management

Calculating Your Hourly Rate

To calculate your hourly rate, use the formula below:
I work  X  hours per Week
I make  X  naira per Week
X hours / x naira = Hourly value

To show you how to do this, suppose you earn two hundred thousand naira a month, both from sales of products  and what the company pays you. And you spend an average of two hours a day in your healthgarde activity. This means that you spend a total of 14 hours a week for healthgarde. So, let’s calculate your hourly value.
Weekly earning = 200,000 / 4 = 25,000 naira
Hourly value       = 25,000 / 14 = 1,800 naira (Approximate value)
What the above means is that your hourly value is 1,800 naira, which  enables you to earn a total of 200,000 naira a month. So, for you to increase your earnings you have to free up the hours to earn more money. If this same person can free up her time and perhaps do 5 hours work a day, this is what her earnings at the end of the month will look like.

Projected earnings =1,800 x5 = 9,000 naira (daily)
Weekly earnings     = 9,000 x7 = 63,000
Monthly Earning = 63,000 x 4 =252,000 naira.

How To Convert Time Into Money

But for you to have an increased monthly earning, we need to free up the hours. How do we do this?

You can free up your time by doing the following:
Use Logistics and outsource, where possible. Avoid spending hours on avoidable functions, pay people to do some things that will save and free up your time.
Plan every minute and follow a strict Schedule for home chores and business. Time management is of the essence, if you have a daily TO - DO list that you strictly adhere to, you will use your time for the important things.
Avoid unfruitful online activities. Don’t waste your time gossiping or chatting endlessly on social media; your data usage should translate to income.
Systemize your activities to free up more time and automate what you can. Create a system that allows you the opportunity to reach many at the same time.
Batch all shopping or errands into one trip. 
Do what you can to stay on track by eliminating distractions.
Instead of saying, “Yes,” to everything, start saying, “I’ll get back to you.” This will give you time to make an informed decision about every new request that comes your way – both professionally and personally.
Once you’ve successfully cut back your schedule to a level a human can handle, reassess weekly to make sure you don’t fall back into old habits.

“Time is money” is a popular saying and if you want your time to translate into more productions and earnings for you, then you must:
Organize Yourself.
Organize your home.
Calculate your hourly Value.
Free Up your hours and  make them more productive 

written by Bethel Obialor


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