5 Best Ways To Overcome Bedwetting

If your grown child still bedwets, it can be a source of concern to both the child and the parent. So what do you do?

Bedwetting Solutions: How To Stop Bedwetting

Except in  cases of medical causes, such as constipation or infection. Most bedwetting is what doctors call primary enuresis, meaning the child has always wet the bed. Doctors think it’s usually caused by a delay in the maturation of the mechanisms controlling the bladder. 

Follow these tips to solve bedwetting problem:

1. Employ behavioral intervention such as given rewards when they don't urinate and making sure that they don't drink too much water or high liquid containing foods before going to bed.

2. If bedwetting occurs after the child has been dry for a year or so, it’s termed secondary enuresis , this could occur with psychological stress or trauma, and the child may need counseling and the use of the recommended products.

3.Avoiding caffeinated foods and beverages and encouraging regular toilet use throughout the day may help prevent bed-wetting.

4. At this point we will recommend the usage of Royal jelly. Royal jelly vitalizes the glandular system while boosting cellular regeneration, thus having a positive impact on disorders related to brain neurochemistry (anxiety, depression, senility), enabling one to reestablish biological balance.

5. As earlier mentioned , sometimes the absence of a healthy gut in kids can lead to bed wetting. We recommend our probiotics, Pro-B which also helps the system to retain moisture.

So in summary use Pro-B, Royal jelly and embrace positive habits. Take one portion of each at night and thank me later.

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