Dia Garde - Healthgarde Diabetes Fighter with Red Leaf Vine & Cinnamon

A scientific herbal blend of ingredients to help regulate blood sugar levels naturally. Only effective when used in combination with healthy eating habits and lifestyle.

BENEFITS: Dia Garde is a specially formulated nutritional supplement to benefit people who struggle with raised blood sugar levels, such as in the case of Diabetes. Cinnamon with Red Leaf Vine extracts help to stabilize blood sugar levels, thereby lowering the risk of cell damage that can be caused by consistently high blood sugar levels.

RED LEAF VINE Red vine leaves are harvested when they achieve a rich red colour and have the highest content of antioxidant polyphenols. Their extracts are used medicinally for helping to reduce inflammation, especially within the circulatory system.

CINNAMON Cinnamon can help manage diabetes type 2 by reducing blood pressure and improving insulin sensitivity. Certain compounds in cinnamon can imitate the effects of insulin and help regulate blood sugar, a function that is crucial for those living with diabetes.

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