5 Practical Steps On Aging Graceful - Healthgarde Nutritional And Herbal Alternative For Aging

As we age, our skin wrinkles naturally as it begins to lose its collagen and elasticity. The process is accelerated by sun exposure, poor nutrition, stress, a lack of muscle tone, and smoking. While we may be predisposed to wrinkles due to genetics and our facial expressions, there are natural ways to slow down time’s effect on our skin. Healthy, whole food provides a well-rounded, balanced supply of nutrients that is most beneficial to our health. That said, it can be tough to ingest everything good for us regularly. Supplements, especially those derived from natural sources, are a convenient, effective way to kick it up. 

Let us have a detailed study of those vitamins that take up the challenge above, and also know how we can tackle them.
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Despite Vitamin C's notoriety for boosting our immune systems, what you might not know is that it's also involved in collagen production and helps protect skin cells from sun damage. 

Where it's found:
Bell peppers (any color), Broccoli, Strawberries, Guava, and Citrus fruits like pineapples, lemons, limes, oranges, etc. Many Healthgarde products contain Vitamin C. But for an anti-aging purpose, Buchu's power is recommended.

How much do you need: 
Do you know that bell peppers are packed with 280 mg of Vitamin C, whereas oranges (the poster child of this vitamin) only contain 90 mg? You need at least 100 mg of Vitamin C daily. 30mls of Healthgarde’s Buchu gives you about 150mg of Vitamin C.

 Vitamin E acts as a cell membrane protectant -- it guards what comes in and what goes out of the skin. When combined with Vitamin C, it protects against UV damage. 

Where it's found: 
Wheat germ (can be added to protein shakes, oatmeal, bread crumbs, muffins, yogurt) Nuts and seeds (like sunflower seeds, peanuts, almonds) Avocados. Healthgarde’s Stressgarde is a rich source of Vitamin E.

Beta-carotene is crucial for skin health. It converts to Vitamin A, which is critically responsible for cell repair and growth. 

Where it's found: Orange and deep green produce. Carrots, Pumpkins, Cantaloupe, 
Spinach, Kale. To be sure that your system gets beta carotene, get Healthgarde’s Eyegarde.
While "fat" is typically a four-letter word in the dieting world, Omega-3 is good fat. Healthy fats keep the skin lubricated, help maintain the integrity of the cell membrane, which keeps toxins out of the skin, and may even help protect against sun damage.
Where it's found:
Ground flax seeds and walnuts are safe, low-contaminated fatty fish (such as Wild Salmon, Atlantic Mackerel, and sardines). If you don't eat fish, you can get your Omega-3s in the form of a fish oil supplement like Healthgarde’s Omega Plus

Studies have shown that polyphenols exhibit anti-cancer properties and may reduce the risk of sun-related cancers. 

Where it's found:
Green tea. You can get the benefits of polyphenols from taking Aloe vite from Healthgarde.

Vitamins B5, B6, and amino acids are believed to be potent antioxidants a special rejuvenating substance that promotes tissue growth, muscle, and cell regeneration. Healthgarde’s Hair, Skin, and Nails are prepared for your youthful rejuvenation.

Selenium protects the skin's quality and elasticity and protects it from the sun. 
Where it's found:
Wheat germ, Seafood (e.g.crab), Eggs. How much do you need?
There's not really a set amount but note that Healthgarde boasts of Selenium extracts, which protect the skin's quality and elasticity and protects it from the sun. And can be found in Eyegarde.

Okay, okay water may not be a vitamin per se. And while we've all heard a thousand times that it's important to drink water (and plenty of it), it's critical for our skin's health and beauty. The more water you drink the better your organs function, including your largest organ -- your skin. Water keeps your cells well hydrated, which can give your skin a plumper, fuller, firmer, and overall more youthful appearance. 

Where it's found: 
Besides your tap, you can also eat some of your water by consuming produce like: 
Watermelon, Pineapples, Cucumber, and Cherry tomatoes. (Incidentally, you'll get more bang for your bite with some of these fruits and veggies since they also contain Beta-carotene and Vitamin C.) 

How much do you need: 
There are varying debates about how much water we really need, but, "Let your thirst be your guide." 

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VITAMIN B COMPLEX, which is then the aggregation of the B-vitamin family can reduce fine lines, improve skin tone, reduce skin discolouration, and prevent inflammation. Healthgarde’s Multi vite is a sure bet for your B vitamins.
We all want to keep looking young at all times despite the advance of time. This desire to look good has propelled a lot of middle-aged men and women to take certain actions to preserve their youthful vigour and looks. If this is your desire, Healthgarde is the name you can trust. Feel free to reach out for more information.

5 Practical Steps On Aging Graceful - Healthgarde Nutritional And Herbal Alternative For Aging