7 Practical Child Sex Preselection Guide, Boosting Your Chances To Have Twins And How To Conceive Naturally

Make your mother-in-law proud of you, change your name to Mama Ejima, Iya Ibeji, Papa Ejima, Baba Ibeji, start shopping for your baby clothing, naming ceremony, etc, put smiles on the face of those couples trying to conceive too, and,................. Please Read On:

7 Practical Child Sex Preselection  Guide, Boosting Your Chances To Have Twins And How To Conceive Naturally

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🧩 Practical child sex preselection guide......Day 1

🧩Boosting your chances to have twins.....Day 2

🧩The Role Of Body pH In Sex Determination........Day 3

Natural Alternatives to Help you achieve your fertility dream.....Day 3

 Benefits of Signing Up For The Training:

🧩You can take the steps that promote the sex of the child you want to conceive.
🧩You can boost your chances to have twins
🧩You will know what to do to solve infertility problems
🧩You can plan for your children's future
🧩You can use the messages to educate others
🧩If you have infertility issues, we will not just share pieces of information to solve the problem but we'll also recommend natural solutions
🧩The training fee will be refunded if you purchase any of our recommendations.

🪐When and where will the training take place?
 Answer: 24th May 2020 on a Whatsapp Group

🪐How much is the training fee?
 Answer: 2000Naira(Two thousand naira only).

🪐Can I get a discount?
 Answer: Yes. 25% Discount (Early birds) i.e you can pay 1500Naira(instead of N2000) for the training before 10th May.
50% Discount for couples i.e you can pay N2000Naira for you and your partner (Instead of N4,000)
62.5% discount for early bird couples i.e you can pay N1500(instead of N4000) for you and your partner before 10th May

🪐I have heard so many experiences, how am I sure this is real?
 Answer: Our sponsors have been doing this since 1993 and have helped over 500,000 couples in African and we have seen hundreds of couples conceive in Nigeria using these methods since October 2015.

🪐Are there scientific backup with research for these?
 Answer: Yes. The information we will share with you are based in nature and backed by science. We will also share research from West Africans & Western Experts on Igbo-ora(The Land Of Twins)

🪐Does this work?
 Answer: we have seen people use this and it worked for them, it can also work for you too. check out what others have to say in the testimony section during our training:

(some of the previous clients will be invited to share their stories in the group)

🪐Are you a doctor?
Answer: Yes we are doctors in organic medication with proven results.

🪐How safe is my phone number since the training will take place on Whatsapp Group?
 Answer: we will remove your number from the group and you can chat with us directly after the training. You can also participate in the training through broadcast(where you can receive the training directly from us without joining the group)

🪐Can I wait till 10 days to sign up for the training?
 Answer: Not a bad idea but our 25% discount(early bird) and 62.5% discount(early bird couples) will end on 10th May.

Spend 2000Naira for this training instead of as little as 600,000Naira to as much as 1,600,000Naira on IVF

Discover natural alternatives instead of going through IVF that may lead to side effects.
Click here to read and watch what people who have used these products are saying
What we charge is less than a medium pizza.

Your training fee will be refunded after the training if you feel that the training is not worth 10 times the value. we will also send you a Recharge Card of N500 for time wasted.

Call or Whatsapp Felix Joshua +2347038574473 for details on how to sign up for the training now.


 Click on this Whatsapp link for payment details: https://wa.me/2347038574473?text=Hello%2C%20I'm%20interested%20in%20the%20training.%20Send%20me%20the%20payment%20details


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