Health Benefits of Healthgarde 40 Plus for Men

Prostate Vitality 40 Plus for Men with saw palmetto
Nutritional information (ingredients): calcium carbonate, phosphorus, magnesium oxide, vitamin c, saw palmetto, aloe ferrox, zinc oxide, (vitamin b3), iron sulphate, (vitamin b5) vitamin A, vitamin D3, manganese, (vitamin b6), (vitamin b2), vitamin E, thiamine, copper, (vitamin b9), lutein, lycopene, boron, selenium.

Health Benefits of 40 Plus For Men
  1. Aid in prostate cancer
  2. Stop hair loss and prevent baldness.
  3. Maintain testosterone levels and improve sex drive.
  4. Effective in improving urine flow.
  5. Helpful in the treatment of urinary tract problems.
  6. Increase sperm production.
  7. Beneficial for men who suffer prostate problems.
  8. Boost overall vitality and health. 
  9. Antiaging supplement.

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