Why Swissgarde Is The Best Network Marketing Company In Nigeria

Today, Nigeria plays host to a lot of network marketing companies that deal in health supplements that the less informed person may find it difficult to choose between the existing ones. Amongst all stands SWISSGARDE and it is arguably the best of them all and we shall tell you why. So, if you say this openly, don’t be afraid to back it up with the following points.

Why Swissgarde Is The Best MLM  In Nigeria

1) Swissgarde products are the most effective. The company is an African company that has products primarily made for Africans, not like some other ones from CHINA, the USA, Korea, and other countries that have different climatic conditions. Little wonder, we have countless testimonies of people who suffered from fibroid, prostate, infertility, infections, and much more. We have had testimonies of Swissgarde distributors who took care of cancer patients in foreign lands right from here. If you are in doubt attend our seminars and you will see true life testimonies.

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2) Unlike several companies, the joining fee is extremely encouraging. For quite a while registration is free requiring you to buy products of only 4,700 Naira. And with that, you can earn millions in the future. Other companies will tell you to bring so much money to start.

3) Swissgarde provides a monthly incentive on products ( known as SWISS STAR). These incentives can involve a reduction in prices and compensations based on certain requirements. The SWISS STAR helps hardworking distributors to make more money on a monthly basis. This can only be found in SWISSGARDE.

4) Products come combined thus reducing cost. Let us illustrate with Cal-C-Mag and Omega Plus. Most companies have calcium tablets but forget that Calcium is better absorbed in the presence of Vitamin C and Magnesium, which our own product contains, and if you have a condition that requires magnesium to be solved our product will do it. Our omega contains omega 3,6 and 9. No other company has it that way.

5) Swissgarde is the only marketing company that ensures that distributors make between 30 to 51% profit on products. Those who doubt this can compare and they will be amazed.
Bonus payments reflected in our cheque slip range between 5 to 30%, while that from a close competitor lies between 3 to 5 %.

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6) Our word is our bond in Swissgarde, some will promise to give cars and replace them with products, others will give you cars without giving you originals of the vehicle documents, and in this case, withdraw the car if your productions come down. In Swissgarde you buy as many cars as you want with the incredible profit you make. When Swissgarde distributors make overseas trips, they get first-class treatment and are lodged in five-star hotels. Many other networks don’t do this.


7) We have decided not to mention names, but this is based on our findings, so don’t get deceived by those who try to entice you to join other networks. The truth is that most of them don’t even understand the marketing plan of the companies they are telling you to join. So when they come to you again ask them, what makes their establishment better than yours? They will give you the reasons that hold no water.
                  Swissgarde is based on transparency and integrity and this quality has helped many to create wealth through health.
For more information and to become an independent Swissgarde Distributor (Now Healthgarde consultant) Call/WhatsApp +2348074256315, +2347038574473


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