Fibroid Diet DOS And DON'TS - How To Use Healtrhgarde Fibroid Pack

*Eat raw onions,fish, beetroot,carrots,beans,banana, vegetables,cabbage, cucumber, broccoli,brown rice,peas,oats,apples the red one,pears,almonds,grape,cherries, potatoes,lettuce, cauliflower,bitter leaf, bell peppers, okra,spring onions, tomatoes.
*Even if you can't stop drinking milk, you can take low-fat milk like Complain very little and not all the time.
*Wash your vegetables thoroughly before cooking.
*Drink large quantities of water like 10to 12 glasses cups a day.
*Do fibroid exercise at least 3times a week.
*You can eat raw tomatoes. wash it thoroughly and eat only the plump one.
*Endeavor to cook your food by yourself.
*Use different types of peppers to cook food.
*Eat at least,6 types of fruit daily.
*You can juice your fruits together for more action. like juicing beetroot, lemon, orange, pineapple, apples the red one, kale,.juice them together and add your lemon juice. enjoy your way to shrinking your fibroid.

Fibroid Diet DOS And DON'TS

*Don't overcook your vegetables.
                  THE DON'TS
*, AVOID processed foods, red meat, buns, caffeine, coffee, alcohol, sausage, egg roll, pizza, junk foods, white bread, soya beans or any soy product, donuts, alcohol, soda water, Indomie, pasta, cake, Sharwama, cheese, fried foods, chocolate, undercooked foods, table salt(salt you added right on your table).
*Reduce cow milk to the barest minimum.
*Always go to the toilet or urinaries whenever you feel the not hold it.
*Avoid street food., avoid canned foods.
*Reduce intake of vegetable oils.
*Avoid beverages.
*Don't lie down immediately you finish eating.
*Avoid overstressing.
*Reduce salt intake.

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Follow these precautions strictly, and take your supplements. Do your exercise, then, your fibroid would vanish when you least expected.

How To Use Healthgarde Fibroid Pack
Take super cider 2caps, (with lots of warm water), and half a glass of Aloe power on an empty stomach and wait for at least 30 mins before food.
 Then half glass of BUCHU, Defender  2 caps, pro 1 caps, and sea vita 1tcap after food in the morning.

 Super cider  2 capsules drink with Half a glass of Aloe power at least 30mins before dinner.
 After dinner drink a half glass of BUCHU, 2 capsules of Defender, 2 tabs of African potato

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