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Lou Bayhack - Success Story Of Swissgarde founder

For those Distributors who may not know how it all started, here is the story:
In 1991, at the age of 61, Lou Bayhack had retired but had the idea of starting a Network Marketing business. After extensive research, he developed the Marketing Plan and worked on Skin Protector - the first Swissgarde product. On the evening of the 23rd of September 1991, he invited 20 people to the first Swissgarde opportunity meeting in his house in Parktown North, Johannesburg. After explaining the plan, one person joined - Lou's hairdresser. Very soon, Lou's lounge was too small for the meetings and he started having meetings at the Methodist church hall next to his house.

Lou soon realized that he needed more products and being a Pharmacist developed Stress Active, Defender, Skin, Hair & Nails and the others soon followed.

From Johannesburg, Swissgarde spread to Cape Town and Durban and then Botswana and all around the other provinces.

I was privileged when I joined the Company in 1995 to go with Lou to open the first Namibian Depot in Windhoek.  - Debbie Englebrecht Botha ( Former Swissgarde MD)

Then followed East Africa in 1996 - Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania.

Swissgarde was happy to spread into West Africa when Lovelyn Nneka Nwarueze from Nigeria started coming down to SA to buy products. And that was the start of a wonderful business with wonderful people.

Today, I am sure that Lou looks down from heaven at all of us and marvels at the legacy of Swissgarde after 27years.

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