Swissgarde Is Not Swissgolden, Distributors Take Note!

Because some distributors have asked me questions relating to Swissgolden, and have even been approached by some so-called distributors, it is important to make certain clarity known. So that we can all be guided.

Swissgarde Is Not Swissgolden, Distributors Take Note!

Swissgarde is a South African-based company owned by Ascendis health. The Company Markets a superior quality range of over 150 products comprising of;
Vitamin Nutritional Supplements.
Skincare products.
Fragrances and toiletries.

Their extensive product range enables Distributors to develop a large customer base by providing products to satisfy particular customer needs... As a Network Marketing Company, Swissgarde Business Opportunity has a unique marketing plan that provides a business opportunity for financial success for its Distributors regardless of education, culture, or age.

By sponsoring your own team of Distributors and using selling the products, as a Swissgarde Distributor, you are able to develop your own business and enjoy the freedom that comes from being your own boss and of course, obtaining financial independence. In turn, customers are able to buy, in the privacy of their own homes and receive personal and confidential advice from their Swissgarde Distributor, and purchase products that really do make a positive difference in their lives. Swissgarde’s marketing plans allow you to make as much money as you want; of course, it will depend on your commitment and the amount of time and energy you are willing to invest in the business. You don’t need an office or warehouse as you can work from home. Remember your background, financial position, education, and social status are not important. The company will train you for free.

Now, what is Swissgolden?

Swissgolden prides itself as a company that buys and sells gold bullion bars for individuals. And these bullion bars can be used in making gold jewelry or better still, as stock for future purposes. Swissgolden Nigeria is believed to be working with internationally renowned companies such as UBS, one of the most important financial centers in Switzerland and the UK. They claim to have users in more than a hundred countries around the globe.

Is Swissgolden a scam or another Ponzi scheme?

When there are over a hundred means of payment that include credit card, electronic banking, and transfer, and no proper explanation on how the delivery process is done on the company's website, then clarity should be demanded.

Be that as it may, there are two questions that should not be overlooked

1. Why is Swissgolden operating a pyramid scheme? applies a pyramid scheme, and this method is considered a scam. Investors can purchase a new matrix either indirectly or directly.
As a matter of fact, Swissgolden is more like a Ponzi scheme; the matrix positions are deemed as the investment.
The main focus of Swissgolden is to recruit people, and they solely depend on money invested by investors.
Undoubtedly, the gold seems irrelevant upon clear thinking. And this is common with businesses operating with this structure.
All the funds taken are cash and the commission is as well paid in cash.

2. Why the lack of transparency?

It is true that transparency cannot be separated from legit cooperation. And where transparency is wanting, questions are bound to arise.
Who is the founder of Swissgolden? When was it established? Swissgolden did not mention any of these on their website and in so doing; they create an air of mystery around their brand.

In addition to this, Swissgolden website was not properly proofread. And for the developer to overlook this after all this time simply connote something fishy.
But then, I will not conclude here that Swissgolden is a scam. And this is because there are testimonies of people benefiting from it. 
However, investors should always remember that a scheme is not a scam until it becomes impossible for the investor to reclaim his/her money. But that was how it happened with MMM. Those who are old on this platform will remember my articles, some even insulted me then, but these facts need to be made known.

If you decide to do real Multi-level marketing, Swissgarde(Now Healthgarde) still remains the name you need to reckon with.
Call/WhatsApp Healthgarde Consultant: Felix Joshua +2347038574473, +2348074256315 for more information on how to get started in Nigeria, Ghana or USA.


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