How Would It Make You Feel - New Strategy To Grow Your Network marketing in Nigeria

How would it make you feel? If Uplines and downlines dwell in true peace and Unity in Healthgarde.
How would it make you feel? If Distributors don’t poach and steal recruits from one another.
How would it make you feel? When quarrels and bickerings will cease to exist between Uplines and downlines.

How would it make you feel? If we all stick to how products ought to be sold in the marketplace, those at higher star levels the price the younger ones out of the business.

How would it make you feel? if downlines show respect for Uplines and Uplines behave in a  fine manner to earn such respect.

How would it make you feel? When there is just one team in Swissgarde, so that we won’t base our allegiance along the lines of My Director, My Upline, My sister, My church member, my tribe's person, or my friend.

How Would It Make You Feel - New Strategy To Grow Your Network marketing in Nigeria

The above sentiments may seem farfetched, but they are essential ingredients in having a strong multilevel partnership. And for many of us in Swissgarde, you will agree with me that those sentiments if inculcated in a lot of us, will prove to be timely. Let us start with the Upline/Downline relationship.

Lead Your Downline, Don’t Carry Them

One of the biggest problems when building your team in this business is learning how to lead your downlines to grow their business. If you do everything for your downline you will start a welfare system for people in your team.  They will get used to you doing all the work for them and think they will never have to work.  When you stop doing work for them to go back and work on your own business, all of the work you did for them will be for nothing.  It will all come falling down.

DON’T DO THIS! In Your Network Marketing Business

What you want to do is to HELP your downline.  You want to guide them and hold their hand in some cases to get them going, but you don’t want to carry them. So how do you lead your downline, you ask?  Start with the basics…do not overwhelm new distributors with every part of the complicated compensation plan and every benefit of every product. 
 Start small.  Teach them: sell products & sign up distributors, and you will get paid.  Period.  Then teach them some best practices in selling the products and signing people up to be distributors.  Set incentives for them...  Make sure you break their incentive program down into small achievable goals so you can track their progress and adjust if necessary.

When they get past these initial steps, make new goals that are a bit more complicated.  They might be targeted goals to reach specific requirements to promote to the next level.  Maybe they will be steps to get them to their first cheque.

The key in all of this is to be teaching them how to do all of these things themselves and at the same time teaching them how to teach their own downline.  This is the absolute best way to build a downline that makes money for you.  You will have distributors that don’t produce.  But if you take this strategy to lead your downline, you will be giving every one of them a real chance at succeeding.  And that gives your business every chance of being more successful.

If you're the upline, here is what you need to know

One of the big problems you might face is people wanting to quit your team. Some will just leave, and others may discourage other members of your team. I wouldn't recommend chasing or begging people to stay, you can politely try to give words of advice to people who are looking to quit. Things do change over time, so be sure to retain that relationship and don't make your downline feel like you are only friends with them so long as their part of your business. Make it a friend for life program and you will have a powerful network over time. Because some who leave today may come back tomorrow.

I also recommend giving your downline a lot more value than what they signed for. Do regular training to help new people, and work with the people getting the results instead of those who are not putting in the effort! If you're the downline, here is what you need to know.
Step into a leadership role as quickly as possible. The goal should be to get results as fast as possible so that you can be edified by your upline (good leaders always edify successes) and you can get even more exposure quickly.

Do your best to help other team members by stepping into a leadership role. This does not mean insulting anyone but making yourself available to greater responsibilities. Helping out hosting webinars, seminars, conference calls and events is a great way to get your name out there, even if you aren't getting results right now. The positive energy from being around the right people can easily rub off on you, and your results will reflect that over time as long as you stay plugged into the team!

Stealing from the hard work of Others

For those who steal prospects from others, they are building on a faulty foundation, and thus, their business may not last ( I may repost an older article on this much later). Don’t sell below the recommended price because you are harming the effort of the company in achieving greater heights.

Network Marketing Teams that give the results

Another issue that bothers us is the Intra and inter-team conflicts that sometimes crop us. It is important for all of us to remember that we all belong to one company. If one team is doing so well and the other team is not doing too well, it will affect the company in general. So, if you have the opportunity of helping others, do it, irrespective of the team the person belongs to. And if you find yourselves within the same team, you can take the following words to heart :
Working in teams can be both beneficial and challenging at the same time. Sharing work can be less than ideal if the team members don’t work well together. In most team settings, you’ll have a leader and one or two other people who share the workload for the entire team. This can lead to pent-up feelings of resentment on the part of those who feel they do the most, and sometimes the other team members can feel left out. Teams that work well together can greatly increase team productivity and create a more cohesive unit culture. 

Here are 6 tips that will help your  Network marketing team in Nigeria work well.

1. Communicate: Obviously, this is one of the most important elements of strong team performance. Keeping the communication clear, open, honest, and respectfully allow team members to express their feelings in a way that prevents a buildup of hidden anger or distrust. Encourage team members to ask questions and listen to one another. This helps to build better team dynamics and stronger relationships.

2. Respect individuality: When working with teams, it’s important for Directors and Star 5s  to understand the importance of individuality. When a group of people with all different skills and personalities are put together to accomplish a certain task, understanding what each team member brings to the table is critical. Each team member needs to contribute his or her strengths in order for the team to function as one.

3. Encourage creativity: Creative input should be encouraged by every team member on every project. Negative comments such as,” which kind yeye talk be this” should be discouraged, and a supportive environment that is open to new ideas should be cultivated.  Brainstorming should be seen as a time to throw ideas out without placing judgment. The best ideas can be culled out later.

4. Include a mixed-orientation: Never be seen as someone who favors one tribe, religion, friend, or associates in the outworking of things. Give everyone a sense of belonging.

5. Hold trust-building exercises: Ask any newly formed team member if they trust their fellow team members and you will invariably get "Yes" for an answer. Dig a little deeper and you will discover that this trust level is conditional. Yes, we trust one another to behavior generally within the bounds of acceptable social behavior. Yes, we trust each other not to overtly put individual interests above the needs of the team. But the kind of trust that a High-Performance Team needs to develop in order to reach peak performance takes time to develop. An old saying goes something like this: "Trust takes a long time to build up, but can be destroyed in an instant." We learn to trust only by repeatedly taking personal risks and experiencing positive outcomes. One of the Leader's primary responsibilities is to help the team learn to increase its trust level with one another. Trust-building exercises help a team increase team trust levels. This is what many Directors and Team leaders in Swissgarde don’t do. ( I will be doing a detailed article on this later, so be on the watch out )

6. Define roles: Effective teams require clearly defined roles so that everyone knows what he or she is responsible for. This creates better team cohesion and productivity.

I hope these few lines can draw us closer to the sentiments expressed above.
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Written by Bethel


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