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Infertility: How To Service Your Male or Female Fertility Organs Using Swissgarde Nutritional and Herbal Alternative

I have put a myriad of topics together, all under one umbrella. Please though it's long Leader are readers  I don't want you missing salient points When talking about infertility we often think of the big things.. PCOS , fibroid , Infection , etc but some little things wreck more havoc than the big one...... CERVICAL MUCUS Let's start with cervical mucus Did you know that cervical mucus is important for fertility ?  most women think it just for the ease of penetration for intercourse, I'm wet " or "my body is moved,," but it's not only for that. Cervical mucus a woman produces actually helps in conception efforts. Here’s how… The cervix produces different types of mucus depending on where a woman is in her menstrual cycle. Just after menstruation, the cervix produces a fluid that is thick and acidic which is designed to prevent sperm from entering the vagina . This is known as infertile mucus. Fertile cervical mucus (CM), also known a