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How To Recruit People In Network Marketing : Powered By Swissgarde

Good evening everyone.
Trust we all had a productive day.
It's my pleasure to share an insight on how to move our business forward tonight.
I really appreciate this privilege.
I'm so much humbled and I say thank you all


First of all, let's have an idea of what recruiting means.
Recruitment (Recruiting) is the process of searching, attracting, shortlisting and selecting the BEST QUALIFIED and SUITABLE PEOPLE for a job opening, in a timely and cost effective manner. 

I want us to note the word BEST QUALIFIED
This means not everyone we see or meet are suitable or best qualified to do this business. Some of them will just be customers that buy for personal use alone. But as distributors, we all know what we need in individual prospect, we all know the qualities we see in people that attracts us to them and awaken the zeal to bring them on board to join our team. The ability to retain such people with these qualities lead to a vibrant and efficient team. So we must search and attract  THE BEST TALENT

We all know  the strength of the work force determines the strength of the organisation they represent.
No business strive without competent hands, all organization understand this and that's why they go through rigorous and several processes before selecting who will work with them.
An incompetent or unsuitable worker is a burden to the organisation, so, no company wants to have a liability as staff.
In the same vein, we must also realise we are a business empire on our own.
We can't afford to recruit lazy and unsuitable people into our team.
Its a burden!. They will be occupying unnecessary space, let's choose our team member diligently.

We all know RECRUITING is the answer in this business, any network marketing business is borne on bringing in people to work with you.
That's the more reason our team members must be well selected

We have 5 process of recruitment


PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: personal hygiene, smell nice, a neat appearance, well styled hair(for ladies), good hair cut(for men), a decent cloth(you won't go wrong with a formal dress  or business casual),
Comportment, neat shoes(wear something comfortable).Wear your ID card, it has a way of making you look professional/official

NOTE: check out for any unpleasant odour that can put off your prospect (mouth or body odour)
• Do not carry products in a transparent bag, this will give them the impression you are GNLD, and the first thing you hear is, "I'm not buying drugs ooo, all you these GNLD people".
• No matter how  little, always look good, it creates a good impression about you. Your appearance tells people a whole lot about you.
Remember: He who wants to clothe someone, must not be wearing rag.

Make sure what you're saying doesn't negate how you look. Be the brand Ambassador, represent the company well!.

Before going out for any recruiting exercise, make sure you have necessary materials intact.
Your ID card
Your flier
A Swiss star
Pen and jotter  for your project 100(to write down the names and contacts of prospects you spoke with, so you can call and follow up later)
A laptop or phone( in case of presentation) etc.

•You must know the company you're representing, know who they are, their mission and values. Understand their marketing plans, how it works etc.

•Have a clear understanding and know the products you sell.
The functions, extracts, what they work for, who should use them and who shouldn't.
• Develop a public speaking skills, learn how to speak to people politely, manner of approach, composure, telephone etiquettes, learn how to maintain a good eye contact etc.

• Be well informed health wise, read books on basic health tips. Nobody can say, it may be one or two information you give your prospect about health that will motivate him/her. Be abreast, know what is going on in the medical Field, even if it is little, when you talk, people see  you really 
Know what you're doing.


You can do recruiting anywhere, in the market, mall, on the street, in the church, party, restaurant, offices, in the bus, house to house etc.
Where you want to recruit must be well prepared for as it will determine the type of strategy to adopt.

The second process in recruiting is:
Strategy development  answers the question "HOW".
It has to do with how your prospective team members are to be attracted. Are you attracting them ONLINE ( Facebook, WhatsApp, e - mails, instagrams etc) or OFFLINE/ PHYSICALLY/ ONE ON ONE
 Under strategy development, you need to determine the tools to be used:

• Is it  through Invitation ( our business seminar, move up, dinner)

• Through organising free seminar

•By sample products ( by giving out some products freely to test the efficacy of the products, best products to use as samples are Aloe and stress active among others.

• By direct invitation into the business 

• Introducing the products only

•Through Evidences ( showing them your cheques, testimonies of people that have used the products, we have some testimonies on YouTube, pictures from oversea trips, gifts from the company etc)

•  Through your fliers or swiss star.

NOTE: Situations/circumstances determine the type of tools to adopt. You can't just meet someone on the road or bus stop and start a long discussion. A flier and swiss star will be good in such situation.

The third process in recruiting is 
This is the time to launch out, not just searching this time, searching for people that has the characteristics that match your team needs.

If it is an ONLINE recruiting you want to do, then be sure you have a good and elegant profile picture, be a good writer who types correctly, no spelling mistakes or grammatical errors, remember they would meet your write ups/article before you.
Besides, different people of various classes and  status would see it.

These days, different captions are used to attracts people examples are:

There is a company  in Nigeria with over 17 years of existence, looking for vibrant people to partner with them for FREE! and receive salary monthly!.
If you're interested, kindly comment "HOW" and I will get back to you.


If I show you how to turn 20,000 into 150,000 within 30 days, would you be interested?.
No scam, no fraud, just buy and sell!.
Comment "interested" to know more.


Work part time and earn full time by partnering with my company For FREE!.
Comment "yes" to start now.


I'm in search of 20 people that are ready to re write their account balance into six digits within 4 months!.
Drop your WhatsApp number and I will get back to you.


Join my team, my company is hiring NOW!, we need you, kindly join this WhatsApp group to know more etc......

make sure you use a unique caption. Don't always use what others use, be creative.

How To Recruit People In Network Marketing : Powered By Swissgarde

Now if it is an OFFLINE/PHYSICAL search, the approach is different.

You have to look good yourself and  wear a smile all the time, be friendly and approachable.
I personally discovered when you go out to recruit by the road side or bus stop/ motor pack/streets, a larger number of people won't want to give you attention, they don't want you to delay them, that is why planning ahead is important.
For prospects on the road/ bus/ garage/street etc, you need to be brief and concise, the best thing to offer is your flier or swiss star. Talk about the products the company offer and their benefits and why she would need them(especially Aloe for detox, and stress active for a stressful life we live in Nigeria, Defender to build the body immune system and also fights infection,as infection is on increase daily).
Be professional in approaching them.
Don't touch people, don't drag them, don't make noise, don't run after them, don't beg them, don't give fake compliment, don't abuse them when they tell you NO or reject you.
If you noticed the prospect wants to listen but in an hurry, you can just make few steps  to catch up with him/her, talk briefly and close the deal. Closing the deal is, give your flier , and ask if you can have his complimentary card(do not ask for their number at first). Be polite and professional, say "may I have your complimentary card so I can tell you more about our products that will be beneficial for you at your leisure, as I can see you are in a hurry". If he offered his complimentary card, fine!
If not, politely ask for his number then, " may I have your number then"

If he gives you fine, if not, then tell him/her to kindly go through your flier as your number is there, that you would be glad to hear from him.
Always close the conversation with A THANK YOU AND A SMILE.

NOTE: Tell them we have the business part and the health part.
Do not mention network company, drug etc 

Do not bring out the products on the road and be chasing them with it, like "buy it now, is good " as if you're selling local concoction, they would mistake you with GNLD and won't go through your flier again. Be decent and professional!

When you want to recruit from house to house, or in the shop (where the prospect is more relaxed) you have the opportunities of going into details. But do not give too many information at a time, just few captivating words. 

Good afternoon madam(with a smile), 
How has your day been?
How is market?
You look good(make compliment on what you love about them)
I am Omowunmi Oluwakemi, I'm an health consultant with a nutraceutical company.
Our home office is in South Africa with a branch here in Nigeria.
The company takes pride in changing lives as a lot of hopeless health condition regained hope through the use of our potent and effective products.
The company sent us to all Nigerian, to sensitize them that living a healthy life and gaining their health back is actually very possible.
We have both beauty and health products. Apart from living an healthy life, the company also cater for peoples financial needs by means of gifts, salary, incentives, awards and recognition, oversea trips etc.

When you gain their attention, you can then go into details, show them evidences (cheques, videos,gifts etc).
The more they show interest the more sweet things you tell them about the business.

Do not mention network marketing to them,
Do not tell them how much they need to move from *2 to 3, 3 to 4, 4 to 5.
You will scare them.

Gain their attention and be assertive! convince them you know what you're saying!

The fourth Process in recruiting is

This is the last stage where you FOLLOW UP on your prospects ( do not leave the place of prayer, pray that God should touch their heart, it's very important, so the seed you sow in their hearts can germinate)
Send them articles on what each products contains and their benefits.
Send non business related messages to them sometimes ( happy new month messages, motivations, prayer) do all these so you won't bore them.

Call them/chat them up to remind them of the business(not all the time, don't be too overwhelming, give them their space sometimes)

You may send your monthly cheques to them or some videos/photos from our move ups

Send or give them copies of swiss star, tell them when products are on promo and why they need them.

By doing all these, you would be SHORTLISTING AND SELECTING the serious minded people from just only customers.
At this stage, the chaff and the seeds have been separated!

The fifth recruitment process is:

Exert more efforts on those you know they are willing to join your team till they register ( invite them for our move ups, seminar, dinner, trainings etc).

After they have eventually registered, put necessary things in place to CONTROL your team.
This is by RETAINING them through organising seminar, training them, setting incentives, etc.

Absorp and induct them  into your team, focus more on them!

Remember: Retention is more important than recruiting. Let them see reasons to stay in the business per time.
Bring them in and make sure they stay, grow and that they reproduce themselves  and have their own team.

Take charge of your team, it's your responsibility!

I'm sure if we are able to put this process in place, there won't be much challenge (s) when it comes to recruiting.
Thank you all for your time.

For more information or to become an Independent Swissgarde Distributor(Registration is frre) call/text Felix Joshua 2347038574473, 08074256315
Felix Joshua Web Developer

Overcoming Rejection In Network Marketing

Rejection in the field when marketing can  mentally drain us of the will to forge on in our business. The most successful people in network marketing learn and master how to not let a rejection affect their business. How does one become more mentally tough about taking a no?


People in general do not like being rejected as we all have an inherent need to feel accepted by the people around us. However, the first step in becoming proficient at sales or recruiting is to understand that when people say no to the purchasing of a product or joining your business, they are not rejecting you as a person.
A no simply means no. It doesn't mean you are a bad person, it doesn't mean they don't like you and it certainly doesn't mean they will not buy your product or join your business another time.

Their answer has absolutely nothing to do with you and everything to do with what they are in need for at that point in time! It is time to move and get over it. If you are struggling with this or even if you are a veteran, here are some tips you can use to strengthen your ability to overcome rejection from a potential client.

People new in network marketing always make attempting to talk to family and friend about their business. Focus initially family instead on going through more potential clients. Trust me, it is okay. This will get you used to accepting rejection and understanding that whether they say yes or no really is not under your control.
You can't control what their answer is, but you can control how many prospective clients you sit down with that week. Put the numbers in your favour and just ask enough people until someone gives you the answer you want. So with the people you know, you can practice how to move from one no to the other until you land on a yes.

Learn to ask more questions. There is always a reason why a person doesn't want to buy your product or join your business. Ask them to explain why they don't see the value in it. Enough answers to this question will give you some insight into what you can do to promote the business or product better. You will also uncover some misconceptions they might have had about the business  and clarify it for them the benefit they did not pick up on.
Asking them why they do not want what you are selling will also affirm for you that they really have nothing against you and just don't need your product. This should boost your confidence and put you in the right state of mind.

Remember that rejection may not be written into your marketing plan of the business, but it is a big part of it. To be emotional about business function is suicide and your attitude will be like a roller coaster with dips and valleys at unexpected times. Your attitude is all you have so protect it by reading positive mental attitude books and listening to motivational testimonies of your leaders or other worthy people. This is very important as your attitude will go down if you do not maintain a steady flow of positive reinforcement. It is like a gas tank that needs to be refilled every time it is half full. You cannot afford to let it get close to being empty because it needs to be overflowing with enthusiasm for the tougher prospects who will want to be convinced rather than sold. . The more positive you have, the more positive you will give out and the more you will get back. Do you need a tip? Visit my Youtube channel and watch the motivational speeches of Mary Aluko, Marian Oboh or Mama Reg, and trust me, you will be charged to do more.

Understand that success and failure are Siamese twins. You must go through failure in order to be successful as the road to success is paved with failure.
Every person in history who has ever become great had to go through numerous rejections before being given a chance. Luckily for you, you will be no different.
If you can persist and get to the other side of failure, success is waiting for you.
Embrace every NO as bringing you one stop closer to a YES. Focus on getting your failure rate higher and by default your success rate will increase based on the law of averages.
One must develop relentless perseverance to be successful as a business owner. Relentless perseverance is consistency, but consistency under pressure."
And most important of all, change your environment. Get away from negative people that will drag you down further emotionally and instead put yourself in an environment with positive people. Just being around them or talking to them will motivate you.

So the bottom line is recruiting is a numbers game.In order to go fast, make sure you have plenty of people to talk to. Make the commitment to increase your contact list everyday and add to it.
Whether it is meeting people in the market, social clubs, church or doing internet marketing, you NEED TO INCREASE YOUR LIST EVERYDAY.
That simply means when you are emotionally down, go talk to you upline. But when you are emotionally up and excited, go tell your downlines. And never the other way around.

Overcoming Rejection In Network Marketing
So in summary, when a prospect says no. He or she is simply saying : convince me on why I should go along with what you are telling me.
Felix Joshua (Swissgarde Independent Distributor) : 2347038574473, 08074256316
Felix Joshua Web Developer

12 Facts About Farting You Probably Didn’t Know.

Sometimes when person mess for public we go provoke, but starting this platform on a lighter note, una know say to fart or mess get health benefit? Ladies we welcome you to our Web with this humorous but interesting material

Farting is usually considered to be the most shameful or humorous function of the body. Everyone farts but have we ever taken a moment to think about the science and history behind it?

12 Facts About Farting You Probably Didn’t Know.

1. Females tend to fart less than males.

2. First used in 1962, fart means the wind coming out of the anus. Pretty apt don’t you think?

3. A normal human being will fart over a dozen times every day.

4. And the air they produce can be used to blow up one balloon.

5. Don’t ever be embarrassed about a fart because it is actually an indication of good health. If your digestive system is working as it should, you will fart. If you feel like you haven’t been farting lately, it is best to get a medical opinion.

6. The main component of a fart is hydrogen sulfide which helps decrease any damage to the mitochondria. This means that taking in the smell is actually good for you.

7. While women don’t fart as much as men, their farts tend to smell more because they have greater levels of hydrogen sulfide. This makes the air they produce better for your health as well.

8. Your farts are much faster than you because they travel 10ft/sec.

9. The tighter your sphincter, the more sound your farts will make because they can’t get out easily.

10. If you chew a lot of gum and drink aerated drinks, it will increase the frequency of your farts.

11. Most of our daily farts happen when we are asleep.

12. Termites may be small in size but they fart more than any other creature. Camels come a close second, followed by zebras and cattle.

Don’t be so hard on yourself. 
At least you feel better if you do what nature intended. 
After all, it’s healthy for you. 
Go ahead and let it rip!
Felix Joshua Web Developer