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Introducing Swissgarde Products: Premium Quality Nutritional And Herbal Alternative - Creating Wealth Through Health

CONTENTS WHY DO WE NEED SUPPLEMENTS? THE COMPANY PRODUCTS ANALYSIS AND HEALTH BENEFITS MARKETING PLAN GUIDE TO SWISSGARDE REMEDIES CONTACT WHY DO WE NEED SUPPLEMENTS Depleted Soils:   Even if you eat a healthy, predominantly, plant-based diet with lots of fruit and vegetable, chances are good that the food comes from soils that have insufficient miners content. When foods are grown over in the same soil, the mineral content of that soil becomes depleted over time. Overcooking our meals:  Nigerians have a bad habit of cooking our food ‘’to death”   resulting in a massive loss of nutritional value, meaning far fewer vitamins,  minerals antioxidants , and enzymes to go round, Eating these depleted foods over time creates its own set of health problems. As for fruits and vegetables, consuming them in as close to a raw (uncooked) state as possible is always the best way. Not eating regular meals:  Many people skip meals. Grabbing that Kpof-kpof or meat pie and